Copper’s Day Off – Guardrails Edition

We began building a few new guardrails in our home today, and rebuilding some that have fallen into disrepair.

Guardrails = A system to keep vehicles from straying into dangerous or off limits areas
(from a sermon series at church)

I like the visual that definition provides.

Photo by Scott Patterson/courtesy of


We’ve allowed some of the “guardrails” in our home to fall into disrepair, resulting in too much time being wasted following worthless, and potentially harmful, pursuits. Today those guardrails were rebuilt governing the amount of time our boys spend online and redirecting them back onto the highway toward success.

 Aaron Studies History

We all need guardrails, don’t we? I sure do! I am so thankful to be able to open my Bible and see the loving way that God has provided guardrails for us as we follow Him.

Guardrails aren’t restrictive. They’re only installed along the dangerous bits of roadway. They don’t obstruct our view, but they clearly mark the place where the edge of the pavement ends and the cliff begins. As the pastor said Sunday, we really don’t appreciate those guardrails until we need them.

 Paint Touch Up

Some touch up painting was taken care of today, too! So thankful for a husband who works hard on his day off!



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4 comments to Copper’s Day Off – Guardrails Edition

  • Love the picture – very good example of “They don’t obstruct our view, but they clearly mark the place where the edge of the pavement ends and the cliff begins.” I know you must have met some resistance as you worked on those guardrails…kudos for pursuing their reconstruction, in spite of opposition. 🙂


    • Thanks, Alesha. There was, of course, some resistance, but it’s nice to be able to tell the kids, “We’re on your side.” and, “We want you to succeed!”. I think that helps them see that guardrails are a good thing.

  • This was very timely… husband and I realized that as the children were getting older we were giving them too much freedom in some areas. So we had a sit down family meeting last week, where we went over where our family is headed and the boundaries we require of them. It was hard to pull back, and implementing the changes has been a little challenging, but I feel so much better with the boundaries in place. My husband equates it to a ship with our children as shipmates….we all work together so much better when we have a common goal and all have jobs to do to get there.

    And that picture is great….I almost feel like printing one out like that and putting it up somewhere in our house to remind us. 🙂