Copper’s Day Off (or Not) – President’s Day Edition

 Will at 3rd Base (sort of)


Since today was a holiday, Will’s coach called a preseason practice for any of the kids who could make it out for the afternoon. I’m thankful for dedicated coaches who are focused on skill development and safety and who give up their own holidays to work with the kids.

Good men. Good kids.

Will has never played before, and he has a long way to go. The coaches gave him lots of help and tons of encouragement and his improvement is noticeable.

Starbuck's & Crochet at the Ball Park


Copper was called in for overtime around 8:30 this morning, so he missed practice. I took along my crochet project, but it was so cold that I ended up just keeping my hands in the pockets of my hoodie and shivering uncontrollably.

My cup of coffee didn’t last nearly long enough. Brrrr.

How did you spend your President’s Day holiday?


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6 comments to Copper’s Day Off (or Not) – President’s Day Edition

  • I puttered around the house. I do love Starbucks Decaf Latte.
    Will looks like he is enjoying his sports. He sure has grown up fast.
    Have a wonderful week.

  • We had a good day yesterday. It was a little chilly (in the low-70s), but I’m sure it was nothing compared to your cold day. I blogged all about my day and gave a little (ha!) Ike update. Dani should love the pics – especially the one where he is giving me “the Look”! 🙂 So glad Will had a good practice!!!


  • tammy

    My Mom for Christmas instead of gettin us stuff, gets us an experience. This past Christmas it was tickets to the Chattanooga Aquarium. We took the fam loaded up the van and traveled to Chattanooga for the day. A good time was had by all. The Aquarium confirmed God’s amazing design for His creation. Love that!

  • kristi

    Well, I had to cram in some school! Steve laid around watching movies because he got my sickness which kept me from going to So-Cal and made me miss a few days of school last week which is why we had to cram yesterday. I did get to stop in and visit Caroline H. and then made a pit stop by Cristy V’s, twice, and then hopped over to a new friends house because she’s letting me borrow her carpet shampooer. I attend a regular bible study on Mondays so then I did that and stopped by Trader Joe’s after the study. Charlie should have gone to practice but I just couldn’t squeeze that in. I’m lovin’ hearing about Will’s baseball experiences – fun stuff!!