It’s Not Always Exciting

Today was a puttering kind of day. No big, exciting projects were undertaken. No earth-shaking cooking going on. Today was a day to just tend to the everyday things that not only make a house a home, but help keep it that way.

The daily chores and all of the weekly chores for Wednesday were accomplished. Scrubbing bathrooms is not one of my favorite jobs, but I do love the look of a sparkling, clean bathroom  and the lemon-fresh scent of the cleansers that linger for awhile. It’s not exciting, but it’s necessary and there is a delight in having it done.

Our winter has been very, very dry, and so I’ve been having to irrigate and water for the last couple of weeks. The weather today was sunny and warm which made being outside very pleasant.

 Front Porch Sewing

In fact, I took the mending that needed to be done outside and enjoyed the warm sunshine while I worked. Not exciting, but working outdoors made it enjoyable.

Who Knew Geometry Could Be Fun?
While Aaron’s school work continued through the afternoon (I don’t remember Geometry being this much fun, do you?), Will finished up before 2:00. He was a bit disappointed when I gave him some outside work to do before he could enjoy free time.

Weeding the Berry Vines
Pulling weeds out of the berry vines is certainly not exciting. However, if we want to enjoy juicy, sweet berries in June, the vines must have plenty of sunlight and water. The tall weeds have to go.

Pulling weeds

Little weeds, just sprouting in the flower beds were taken care of today, too. Whenever I can’t find Dani in the house, I know she’s found something to do outside. Dani also made cupcakes because Corin and the grandbabies will be out for a visit tomorrow. Tomorrow is my oldest grandson’s tenth birthday! Now that IS exciting!

Sidewalk Chalk Birthday Greetings

The day-to-day tasks that keep our homes functioning well may not be exciting, but I believe that we can make them enjoyable. Concentrate on doing your work with the end result in mind. Hum a perky tune or spend the time praising God in prayer. Take a sedentary task, like mending, to a bright, sunny window or outdoors, if the weather permits. Listen to a podcast while you work, or just enjoy the sounds of life around you. I enjoyed the cries of the Canadian Geese that were flying overhead today while I sat on the porch sewing. Make an everyday dinner special by lighting candles on the dinner table, or serving your meal on the “good” dishes. Light a scented candle in the middle of the day and enjoy its fragrance as evening falls.

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.
Colossians 3:23-24


Think about the ways that you can make the not always exciting day-to-day work of home life a treat rather than a burden, and share your ideas in the comments.


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11 comments to It’s Not Always Exciting

  • Corin

    Yay for puttering days! Today was a nap day here. 🙂 The weather made it perfect!

    He’s turning 10? Are you sure? ’cause I’m only… Hmmm… :-/

  • Love, love, love the wise words in this post Cheryl! Wow 10th birthday already! Happy Birthday to your grandson 🙂

  • I try to stress to our kids that our daily routine should be done as unto the Lord. Do it joyfully and be done with it. Thanks for sharing you even not so exciting day. Those are great things to see too! Blessings!

    • Absolutely we need to do our work as unto the Lord! Did you notice I included that verse at the end of my post? Teaching our children to do their work joyfully (and in a timely manner) is a big job, but one I know they’ll be happy to have learned when they’re grown. Good job, Monica!

  • Hi Cheryl,
    Great words of wisdom. I enjoy homemaking and finds ways to make it exciting. Trying new recipes, puttering around moving things from here and there,sitting outside to read or sew and ect.
    Have a fun day.

    • These are all great ways to keep things fresh in our homes, Elizabeth! I have to tell you, whenever I have a quiet, puttering kind of day (like yesterday), I always think of your sweet term “turtling”. 😉 It’s the perfect description!

  • tammy

    This great post reminds me of a quote and i am sorry i do not know who to give the credit to *ordinary day show me the treasure you are!* Love Aarons big ole smile that was a sweet bonus to a great post!

  • Jeanette

    I made the cranberry yogurt coffee cake that you linked to a couple weeks back. Thank you for a delicious new recipe! I hadn’t been by your blog in a while, and am very excited to see that you are blogging again.