Letters to an American Lady

The age of writing an old-fashioned letter seems to be at a close. That’s regrettable. I know, first hand, what deep, enduring relationships can be formed through letter writing. In fact, Copper and I had only dated for a few, short weeks before he left for college. We wrote dozens of letters in the months that he was away, and our relationship grew through that correspondence.


Author C. S. Lewis corresponded regularly with many people, including, it seems, several women. One woman in particular, an American, was a regular correspondent with Lewis for more than a decade. The letters that he wrote to her were published in the book, Letters to an American Lady.

The letters are a delightful glimpse into the life of one of my favorite authors. As their relationship deepened, so did their ability to share their joys, struggles and cares. Lewis’s handwriting, which was horrid, is the subject of many misunderstandings in their correspondence, and that made me giggle a bit. Their letter writing took place during the last decade of Lewis’s life, including the time that he was married to and lost his wife, Joy. One of my favorite letters included his  thanking Mary, the American lady, for continuing to correspond with him after the news of his marriage became public, as so many of his other female correspondents had stopped writing.

These two friends shared and encouraged one another through their various illnesses and through the deaths of close friends. Mr. Lewis speaks openly about how he is grieving his late wife, and how he trying to relate to his stepsons. His letters are full of encouragement to his friend as she struggles financially, and, in latter years, he is even able to send some financial support her way. They discuss the state of health care, at their time, in the United States and in Great Britain, which I found fascinating in light of our current health care issues. His remarks about growing old, and the infirmities of old age, and his yearning for Eternity were moving. The letters end with Lewis’s death in 1963.

I very much  enjoyed Letters to an American Lady. What a fantastic peek into the life of C.S. Lewis as seen from the author’s own point of view.


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