Holding My Menu Plan Loosely

Will’s baseball schedule has kept us on our toes this spring. Not only have the practices and games added a new dimension to our family life, but the very late rainy season we had turned a very do-able schedule into something a bit more resembling chaos than order. On any given day throughout the season […]

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real – May 31, 2012


Lavender Trumpet Vine in full bloom.

PRETTY – This Lavender Trumpet Vine was accidentally mowed down a few years ago. Two years later, it put up new growth, and it’s now doing a grand job of growing and climbing to cover the not-so-pretty chain link fence around our back yard.


Copper’s Day Off: Burn Day – Pool Day Edition

This time of year I believe that my husband works harder on his days off than he would if he were at work! All of us spent the majority of the day working on a couple of projects outside.


Dani strikes a match to light the burn pile.


All of the dead […]

Trotting the Globe Menu Plan – (Dinners from Around the World)

This week we’ll enjoy meals from all over the world – Mumbai, China, French-Italian fusion, New Orleans, Mexico, and hometown America with a dinner sandwich based on a breakfast favorite from McDonald’s.

Over the last several months, we’ve started incorporating more exotic spices and ingredients into our meals. A few of these items have even […]

Prioritizing Projects From My Goals List

My goals lists for 2012 have been very helpful to me this year. I’m so thankful that the Lord provided the time, and the wisdom, for me to get them all written out in January.

Days have a way of quickly becoming weeks and then months. Without a written list of goals that I hope […]

Copper’s Day Off – Tip Toeing Back to the Blog Edition

For the first time in several weeks, my husband is home on his Monday off. He’s busy catching up on all those “little” things that have been waiting for him. The boys are working on school and chores and being extremely silly as only teenage boys can be. Dani is unpacking, after spending a few […]