Copper’s Day Off: Burn Day – Pool Day Edition

This time of year I believe that my husband works harder on his days off than he would if he were at work! All of us spent the majority of the day working on a couple of projects outside.


Lighting the burn pile

Dani strikes a match to light the burn pile.


All of the dead trees, pruned branches and nasty weeds that we remove from around our property are all deposited on the burn pile. Twice a year, or so, we light the pile up. Burning regulations are strict in our county, even in agricultural areas,  so we have to apply for permits and are allowed to burn only on certain days. This time of year, we have only two hours from igniting the pile until it must be extinguished.


burn pile ignited

The dry tree trimmings begin to catch fire.


Burn, baby, burn!


Big burn pile!

Dani keeps water on the ground all around the fire.


Two hours was not quite enough time for the pile to burn all the way down. We’ll have to rake it up and try again another day.


smoldering remains

One hour into the burn.


We also worked on cleaning up the entire area around the swimming pool. It was a big job, but it looks so much better now!


laying newspaper around plants

Laying several layers of newspaper around the plants for weed control.


newspapers around plants

Newspapers covering the ground around the Agapanthus.


After lunch, Copper and I made a run to the landscape supply yard to buy two yards of small bark. The boys spent the rest of the afternoon bringing in wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load and spreading it out all the way around the pool. We were just a bit short on the back side of the pool.

adding bark to the flower beds

Adding bark all around the swimming pool.


How was your Monday?


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4 comments to Copper’s Day Off: Burn Day – Pool Day Edition

  • Very full.. just like yours! 🙂 My two grandchildren came to spend the day to give mommy a day off. We did a science experiment with baking soda/vinegar, made cookies, drew pictures to give to Alice (who broke her wrist), squirted water bottles and rode scooters (the children, not me). In between I took care of Alice and Kevin. I slept very well last night. 🙂

    Glad you had help to get some projects done.

  • We went to a picnic and took a long walk to a lake and creek. It was wonderful!!