Copper’s Day Off – Tip Toeing Back to the Blog Edition

For the first time in several weeks, my husband is home on his Monday off. He’s busy catching up on all those “little” things that have been waiting for him. The boys are working on school and chores and being extremely silly as only teenage boys can be. Dani is unpacking, after spending a few days away housesitting, and she’s also working on a custom order for her shop.

C's Quilt

I’m tip toeing quietly back to the blog after being away far too long. I’ve been away long enough to finish the quilt I’d only just finished cutting the fabric for  in my last post, and I have a second quilt well under way. I like the way the first one turned out, even with all of my very novice quilter mistakes showing for all the world to see.  It’s just a fun quilt for my oldest grandson. I don’t think he’ll mind the mistakes at all. (The quilt was based on this pattern, though I made my grandson’s one row wider and one row longer, and eliminated the appliquéd medallion.) The colors red and blue, but mostly red, were his request. The quilt is backed with a simple white on dark red polka dot. It was machine quilted with, mostly, straight line quilting, with a very easy-even-for-beginners cable design on the broad same-fabric strips near each end.

 C's quilt, back view

It’s been a blessedly busy several weeks. Baseball. School. Spring cleanup in the yards, orchard, berry patches, etc. Dani planted a small(ish) garden with just one or two of several different things, but she planted three full rows of potatoes! More baseball! Lots more baseball!

Since my sewing nook is really just an extension of our schoolroom, I’ve been able to spend some time sewing while the boys work independently. It keeps me within earshot (in case they get distracted) and I’m readily available to help when they need it. I think it’s important to not wander too far away while the children are homeschooling.

 C's quilt view 2

Some gals begrudge having to be right there with their kids all day while school is happening. I often wonder why that is. I’m a homeschool mom. That means a couple of things. It means that I stay home and that I accept the responsibility for educating my children. Oh there are days, of course, when things keep me away from the schoolroom, and that can’t be helped. Life happens! Still, I’ve found that it actually saves me time, and a whole lot of grief, when I stay here in the schoolroom with my “pupils” while they are working on their schoolwork.

 Detail corner of C's quilt

It’s nice that I can sew a bit, or knit or embroider, and still be right in the middle of the action in the schoolroom, but the priority should always be school and not pursuing my own interests, however useful and productive they might be.

Hangin’ out with the boys in the schoolroom – one very good way that I can look well to the ways of my household.



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18 comments to Copper’s Day Off – Tip Toeing Back to the Blog Edition

  • Michelle W.

    Welcome back! The quilt is very cheerful~I love reds and blues together. 🙂

  • sweet post..
    sweet quilt..
    sweet heart – yours.

  • Elizabeth Quigley

    Hi Cheryl,
    I guess this means I best call off the search and rescue team?LOL great to see you back. The quilt is beautiful.

  • Beautiful quilt!! You have me motivated to finish a runner I started because of your last post (ha!!), I love how you intertwined quilting and homeschooling teenage boys. Glad you are back!!

  • Jill

    So happy to see a post. What a beautiful quilt. Love the colors. Have a blessed day.

  • Elizabeth V.

    Your quilt is beautiful and I’m sure your grandson loves it. What a precious, priceless gift! You have been missed in blogland. As I have checked now and again and found no new post, I have reminded myself that you were busy looking well to the ways of your family and home which was a good reminder to me to do the same!

  • Kimberly

    Welcome back! Love the quilt!

  • So glad to see you blogging again! The quilt is so beautiful and inspiring for me; it gives me something to look forward to when life slows down later when my kids are older. 🙂

    And you are so right about being right there with the kids as you homeschool…even checking the computer can be a distraction.


  • Welcome back! And your quilt is beautiful! I hope to someday get the time to pick up this very useful hobby!

  • Kristi

    You’ve been missed! Love the quilt!! Good encouragement in the schooling arena as well – yes, you’ve been missed!!

  • Carol

    It seems rude and inconsiderate to not let your followers know you will not be posting.
    It’s kind of like they are not worth your time to let them know even
    though it takes us time to keep checking to see if you have posted.

    • Carol – I am truly sorry that my not posting here has inconvenienced you. My readers are very special to me, and it grieves me that you have found my absence here an indication that I don’t care.

      Kendra has already suggested this in a previous comment, but might I also encourage you to use some sort of feed reader to follow the blogs you enjoy? Personally, I use Google Reader. It’s simple to set up and you’ll always see a list of which of the blogs you follow has updated. It’s a simple matter to click over from there to the blog to read the newest post, or even to just read it on Google Reader, if you are pressed for time. No more clicking from site to site to site looking for updates. It truly is a time saver.

      Again, please accept my apology for the inconvenience that my absence has caused you.

    • Carol

      Cheryl, I know your readers are very special to you; otherwise, you would not
      take the time and energy to put up such thoughtful subjects on your blog. It is
      just that most sites let you know they won’t be posting for two weeks or whatever
      and so you know not to check nearly as often.

      I did not know about Google Reader but that will be great and I apologize to you
      for my impatience. You do have a great blog!

  • Well, that’s the thing about blogs. They’re a one-way conversation and the blogger has a prerogative to post or not post. Maybe you could put Cheryl’s blog into a reader (like Google Reader) and then you wouldn’t have to check the site. It updates automatically when there’s a post.

  • Bren

    Your quilt is beautiful. The texture is wonderful!!!!! Someday, when we get together, you can show me machine quilting, and I will show you hand quilting….
    BTW…you are a class act! Glad you are back to the blog.

  • Susan G.

    So glad you are back! I enjoyed your blog while on bedrest with our newest little one. It gave me great ideas of what I wanted to do once I recovered. So happy to see a whole bunch of new posts! I’ll be catching up at the 3am feedings! (:

    Susan G.