Holding My Menu Plan Loosely

Will’s baseball schedule has kept us on our toes this spring. Not only have the practices and games added a new dimension to our family life, but the very late rainy season we had turned a very do-able schedule into something a bit more resembling chaos than order. On any given day throughout the season I might have received a text from a coach saying “no game today”, or “no practice today, let’s try again tomorrow”, or “the game is still on!”.

On deck

Will on deck at a recent game. (photo ©exgoatmilker)

Then there were the spontaneous “Hey. It’s not raining today. Is everyone available for a practice at 4:30?” texts, plus all the rescheduling of the rained out games into an already packed practice and game schedule.

Meal times were often late. Dinner menus were switched around. We ate fast food way more often than we should have.

One day, in a moment of frustration I wrote “Baseball is killing my menu” right on the posted menu on the fridge.

 Notes Posted on the Fridge

That other handwriting? That’s Dani, giving me a dose of my own medicine gently reminding me to hold my plans loosely.

And really I have. We’ve loved baseball! Will’s had two of the best coaches I can imagine. His skills have improved, and continue to improve, and his knowledge of the game has grown, too.

We’re nearing the end of the season, and are in the midst of the playoff tournament. Will’s team is undefeated, so far, in the double elimination tournament, and we were set to play in the championship game this Thursday night. However, because of a middle school graduation ceremony that involved several players from the opposing team, the game was moved to Friday night.

 Manipulating the Menu Plan

My nice, neat menu plan now has pencilled in arrows and crossed out meals and treats. Corin’s kids were too sick for them to come out for a visit today, so I’ve crossed that treat off the menu, too.

The deal is, a menu is still in place and we’re still working from it. But I am holding my plans loosely, and enjoying the flexibility of being able to change meals around, when necessary, or to say “Okay!” when my husband suggests, as he did Tuesday, a run to town for burgers and ice cream cones after a long day of working in the yard.

Holding my plans loosely and enjoying the fun this particular season has to offer = looking well to the ways of my household.


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4 comments to Holding My Menu Plan Loosely

  • Elizabeth Quigley

    Oh Cheryl I am with you on this. I went to make my roasted veggies soup this week and found my butternut squash was bad. So plan B . Pull Veggie soup from freezer. Fix a PBJ to go with it and that was supper.LOl I loved what Dani did. we have to watch what we say or our kids wil use it against us.LOL My 4 grand daughter Addison told my daughter the other day Mama you are making me crazy . I am going to pull my hair out. wonder where she heard that from LOL
    Way to go Will. He sure grew up fast.

  • I have always found summer is a time to hold a menu loosely or not have one at all. One summer, whenever I made a potato salad it rained and the heat cooled off and no one was interested!! It is wise to hold your menu loosely as our children are leaving the nest too quickly and we don’t want them to have memories of mom striving with bad impatience over a menu!!

    • Exactly, Judith! That’s why those of us who need to continue to plan meals throughout the summer, or any other busy family season, should remember to hold onto those menu plans loosely.