Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real – May 31, 2012

round button chicken

Lavender Trumpet Vine

Lavender Trumpet Vine in full bloom.

 PRETTY – This Lavender Trumpet Vine was accidentally mowed down a few years ago. Two years later, it put up new growth, and it’s now doing a grand job of growing and climbing to cover the not-so-pretty chain link fence around our back yard.


Chocolate whipped cream on the frappe

Starbuck's Cookie Crumble Mocha Frappuccino with Chocolate Whipped Cream.

 HAPPY – Dani is happily spooning the chocolate whipped cream off the top of her frappuccino on a recent S’buck’s visit. Chocolate whipped cream makes her happy. It makes me happy, too.  Note – this Frappuccino was enjoyed long before THE CHALLENGE was issued.


Will rocks the glasses at Target

Will always cracks us up!

 FUNNY – We visited a big box store one Sunday afternoon to buy new sunglasses for Aaron. Not to be left out of the fun of trying on new shades, Will tried on several pair and made faces for each. This one is a keeper!




 REAL – After spending the better part of two days shoveling load after load of cedar bark out of the trailer and into a wheelbarrow, Aaron sat down in the shade for a rest…..and fell asleep. A much deserved Siesta in the shade!

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