Copper’s Day Off – A Day in June Edition

We had a hot weekend, but today was a beautiful June day! Copper, Dani and I spent most of it running errands far and wide. It’s nice to be able to do most of our shopping and errands on our Fortnightly Marketing Peregrination every other Saturday, but sometimes things need to be done on a weekday. Today, there were just a handful of things that needed to be taken care of, but they were all outside of our normal travel routes and none of them were in the same area.

Garden at the Back of My House

Garden at the back of my house. Very much a work in progress.

My husband picked up his brand new uniforms. He’s been a Deputy Sheriff long enough that we have seen a handful of uniform changes, and more than a handful of Sheriffs! It was a bit bittersweet realizing that this is probably the last time that he’ll buy new uniforms. These should see him through until he retires in a couple of years.

Hash Marks - 30 years

Hash marks - 30 years of service.

We were back home in just enough time for me to get some more watering done before I started dinner.

 Hydrangea from Cutting

This is one of the hydrangeas that was started from a cutting last summer. The crinkled leaves were scorched last summer, but the pretty, new green growth is all from this year.

Oh, and those chewed places in the new leaves? We’re just a few miles, as the crow locust flies from this poor town. Needless to say, our infestation is not nearly a bad as it is there, but we are seeing them here, too.

It really was a nice June day, as we enjoyed Copper’s day off.

How was your Monday?


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9 comments to Copper’s Day Off – A Day in June Edition

  • Sure was nice today after that really hot weekend we had! While you were out running around, Kelsey and I had a nice day at home. I blogged about it… :o)I noticed you are reading the Bonhoeffer book too. Slowly working my way through it…

    • I’m looking forward to being home for the next few days! I’ve not gotten far in Bonhoeffer. I’ve been picking up the other books in my stack ahead of him lately. I’ll stop by your blog for a visit later today.

      • I took a break from Bonhoeffer to read the Tim Tebow book. Back to Bonhoeffer so I can add another book to my stack! 🙂 Just too many good books to read!

  • Jill

    Good Morning. I see that you changed your Fortnightly Marketing Peregrination to Saturdays from Fridays, how come? Your back garden is coming along nicely. I have been working on one myself, but am facing an area that gets little sun. Have a blessed day.

    • Jill, can you plant ferns and hosts in your area with little sun? I have a tiny, tiny square that’s doing well filling in with a few spider plant babies a friend gave me a couple of years ago, and it is in full shade. I’ll talk about the marketing change later this week, Lord willing.

  • I have japanese beetles! As does everyone else around here…and drought. We are watering the garden every night. Wish my hubby were closer to retirement. He still has 9 years. But I know that will fly by.

  • Susan G.

    Oh my! Is that what a locust looks like!?! Yesterday, while in a parking lot in another nearby town, one flew on my car. I quickly looked around for some type of contraption so I could trap it and take it home to the children. I couldn’t find one, and now I wished I’d tried a little harder!

    • I think they are glorified grasshoppers. Watching that video gave me the creeps! Maybe we could arrange to get a couple of specimens for your kids. Let me know!