Copper’s Day Off – In Which We Bowl and Visit an Arcade

One of Copper’s Christmas gifts this year was a Groupon for bowling. It included an hour and a half of bowling, snack bar dollars and tokens for the Arcade. He’d mentioned wanting to take everyone bowling sometime, and we thought that the Groupon was a good fit.


Bowling alleys have a wonderful old-timey feel to them!


Velcro Bowling Shoes

Velcro bowling shoes?


Bowling Scores

Copper and I bowled badly, but we still showed the kids up!


Ball Toss at the Arcade #2

The ball toss at the arcade.

We had a great time enjoying Copper’s day off today. What a great way to start the week! Hope your week is off to a good start.


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2 comments to Copper’s Day Off – In Which We Bowl and Visit an Arcade

  • Jill

    How fun! We love bowling and even got shoes and balls. It’s such a clean, fun sport and good exercise too.

    • Copper and I used to bowl on a couple of leagues, one church league and another with folks from the sheriff’s department. It was fun! That was, however, almost twenty years ago. Our skills have become quite rusty. I told him yesterday, as we watched the senior league a few lanes over, that maybe we should take it up again after he retires.