Copper’s Day Off – Top Three Edition

The top three highlights of the day.

1 – We hung with the grandkids while Corin went in for a prenatal appointment. Grandbaby #7 will be here soon! I wonder if he’ll be as big of a cuddle-bug as his older brother? I hope so!

 Snuggling with the not quite two year old


2 – We ordered new carpet to replace our poor old worn out can’t-even-be-cleaned-anymore carpet. Just thinking about emptying out furnishings (like the china cabinet) and all of our closets gives me the vapors. Seriously! What great motivation, though, to finally get rid of stuff that’s been hidden in the deep, dark recesses of our closets for way too long. I have big plans for moving my fabric stash into the master bedroom closet once it’s been cleaned out, which will lead to cleaning out the schoolroom closet, which will lead to….you get the idea! Looks like my summer project will be a major reorganization of closet space. Sounds good to me!

Carpet Samples

We chose the sample in the lower right corner.


3- A frozen yogurt date with Copper. My treat!

 FroYo with Copper

I had a great Monday, sharing Copper’s day off with him. Hope your week is off to a great start, too!


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