Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real – Front of My House Edition

round button chicken




Hydrangeas are one of my favorite plants. This one, like the other three across the front of my house, started from tiny, 1 gallon shrubs on sale at Home Depot. A little TLC and a little patience and they are now huge, thriving, and beautiful. In fact, Dani took cuttings from them last year to start the Hydrangeas that are doing so well in pots along the back of my house.


 Sanding down the house trim


Copper is scraping and sanding the trim on the house in preparation for repainting it. Having a husband who takes care of hard, dusty, hot jobs like this, without complaining and on his day off, makes me happy.





I almost used this picture as my pretty picture. I love the way the extension cord for the belt sander unwound across the driveway. All those curlicues are kind of funny, but pretty at the same time.



 Dry rot in siding


Dry rot. Every year we have more. Two things we seem to grow really well here on our little 5 1/2 acres of land – weeds and the fungus that eats the wood on our house. Still, even with the weeds and the dry rot, we thank God often and much for blessing us with this place fourteen years ago. It’s home and we love it.

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7 comments to Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real – Front of My House Edition

  • As a novice gardener, I hadn’t realized that you could grow hydrangeas from cuttings. We have a large bank of hydrangea bushes along the back of our house from previous owners, so we’ll have to try that!

    • Hi, Sarah! I plan to put my potted hydrangeas, the ones started from cuttings, in the ground soon. I’ll fill the empty pots with new hydrangea cuttings, though, because I want a “large bank of them”, as you have at the back of your house, under my back porch railing.

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hydrangeas!!! I have six plants. My bedroom has a border with hydrangeas (told you I love them ;-)Your are beautiful!! I would just LOVE if you did a post on all that you’ve learned about caring for them?? How did you make cuttings??

    • Judith – I don’t do much to care for my hydrangeas. Lots of water in our dry, California summers, and, when I think of it, I fertilize with a special food for Azaleas and Hydrangeas (which I typically plant together). Google how to start Hydrangeas from cuttings. That’s what we did! I think the key is buying the rooting medium from the garden center. I’m looking forward to trimming my Hydrangeas back, after they’ve bloomed the first time, and starting some more.

  • Oh you reminded me of taking cuttings and getting more plants! Thank you!

    I love hydrangea and my one and only is a delightful one, but I want more, but don’t want to buy more!

    I recently found Like Mother, Like Daughter and I love this post link up!

    • I have had little to no money for landscape plants these last several years, and Dani has been wonderful to try starts from all sorts of plants. The Hydrangeas were a big success, the Crape Myrtles, not so much. Still, we plan to try again with the Crape Myrtles, and I also plan to divide the pool side Agapanthus this fall.

  • I love hydrangeas, too.