Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real – My Day Out With a Five Year Old

My beloved, late mother-in-love established a tradition of taking her grandchildren out “birthday shopping” for their birthdays in lieu of bringing a gift for them to their parties. She would pick them up, take them to lunch, take them to a movie or some other fun thing to do, and then they’d shop for their birthday gift from Memom. It was really never about the shopping part of things, but it was about spending some wonderful one -on-one time with her grandchildren. The toys and the clothes wore out and were discarded, but the memories remained.

That tradition became such a wonderful memory maker in the lives of my children, I decided that Copper and I would do something similar with our own grandkids. We’ve been enjoying making our own “birthday shopping” memories with the grandkids ever since!

 Pretty Cute!

 Pretty Cute!

Beginning with their fifth birthday, Copper and I make a date with each grandchild to take them to lunch, to do something fun, and then to shop for a gift.

My fourth grandchild turned five recently. She’s been looking forward to her special day out for at least a year, and for at least a year I knew exactly where we’d take her for the “fun” part of her outing. Copper was called in for an overtime shift, so it was just this little lady and I. We had a blast!

 Happy Behind the Wheel


 Driving a car all by herself? You betcha! This girlie-girl has always loved riding the rides! I was sure that a visit to the local amusement park would be right up her alley, and I was right. Happy providence number one – discovering that all day ride wristbands were discounted by a third for the day!

 Funny - Avoiding the Splash


 She loved riding the flume, but she ducked her head at the end to avoid the splash. I do that. Her mom does that. Her Aunt Dani does that. It made me laugh!


Real - Spinning Fast Enough


By the end of the afternoon, the tea cups were spinning fast enough all by themselves. No additional wheel spinning necessary.

Purple Princess

My Purple Princess (photo courtesy of her mom via phone via text via Flickr) I ♥ technology!

 We ended the day by shopping at the Disney Store. She knew what she wanted! A purple Rapunzel dress, a princess crown and a Rapunzel doll in a purple dress.  Happy providence number two – a summer sale at the Disney Store that made all three possible!

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round button chicken


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