Scheduled Homemaking Saves the Day

After two days of play with my family, today I’m happy to be back in my home for the day and to be able to catch up a bit on things. One of the main benefits to scheduled homemaking, is the ability to be able to decide quickly how to catch up after a day or two (or more) away, and know that nothing is going to be forgotten or let go for too long. Everything missed on my schedule on Monday and Tuesday was done just last week. Anything that I don’t get done today, will be done again in just a few days.

I can see at a glance what should have been done while I was away, and I can let some of the lesser essential things go because I know they’ll pop up again next week without my needing to remember to do them.

Silly Girl & Grandpa

Seven year old birthday girl. Not sure what she was looking at or why!

Enjoying time with my family on Monday, and spending the day with one of my granddaughters yesterday, kept me away from my home.  However, that doesn’t mean that I need to panic in trying to catch up today, wearing myself to an exhausted frazzle, spending the entire day cleaning house, and being too busy to interact pleasantly with my family. I was still available to help Will schedule two days of schoolwork into one for today (at his request), and help him as he begins to memorize Psalm 90. I was able to take care of some household paperwork that didn’t need to be done, but that was bugging me in not being done.

Scheduled homemaking allows me to enjoy spontaneous outings with my family and enjoy these much warmer, late spring days doing fun things outside, without my home falling into chaos.  It keeps my home in fairly good shape without my feeling guilty for spending time enjoying adventures with my husband, kids, or grandchildren. It’s one of the best tools I have in looking well to the ways of my household.



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4 comments to Scheduled Homemaking Saves the Day

  • Thanks for your scheduled homemaking series. I’m printing them out to read and think about. Did you ever add the monthly and quarterly articles to your series? I couldn’t find them, and would really like to read them.


  • I couldn’t agree more! We recently had to drop everything and go out of state when my grandfather passed away. It was nice to know that the laundry was done and all I needed to do was a quick load and then pack up. Really helped at an other wise chaotic time.