Spiders Are Great Thread Savers

Until recently, I’d never heard of using a “spider” at the sewing machine. In all of my many years of sewing, this handy little tip had never come my way.

Using a "spider" to save thread at the sewing machine

The "spider" currently residing on my sewing machine.

I’ve often thought, and even said to my daughter or husband, that sewing wastes a lot of thread. Quilting wastes even more thread. I’ve hated pulling out several inches of thread every time I finished sewing a seam so that I could separate my just sewn piece from the machine. Clipping the thread from the fabric, and leaving a long enough tail to start my next seam with, always seemed like such a waste.

Amy, of the wonderfully fresh and creative NanaCompany blog, wrote a post several weeks ago that changed my thread wasting ways for good! A spider! Here’s her great “Spiders, Oh My” post. 

Cup full of scraps for sewing spiders

Cup full of "spiders".

What a great idea! Simply run your spider through and under the needle as your fabric exits. Clip the threads from your fabric and leave the spider in place. Next time you sit down to sew, use the spider as your thread tail. The amount of thread used on the spider is significantly less than the amount that would have just been pulled and wasted without the spider.

I just happened to have a cup from our original everyday wedding dishes,that had become too cracked to use, come along at the same time that I read that post. I hated to part with it, nostalgic gal that I am, and keeping it beside my machine to hold my spiders is perfect! An added bonus, I’m quickly adding little pieces of some of my favorite fabrics, too small to use for anything else, to the cup.

Desert Rose cup at the sewing table

Cute! Useful! Form & function unite.

It’s cute and it’s useful! I love it when form and function come together in my home.

I had never heard of this trick before, so it might be new for you, too!

Stop wasting thread! Use a spider instead!



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