The Books & The Parchments – Flashcards to Help in Your Study of God’s Word

A new product recently became available that I’m excited about using ! The Books & The Parchments flashcard set was recently published, and I know that it’s going to really enhance by personal Bible study time.

Typically, each card represents an individual book of the Bible. The title of each book is printed on the front of the card.

 Books & Parchments Flashcards


The back of each card is where you’ll find the good stuff! In a simple outline format, the publisher sets forth the basic information about each book. Information for each book includes the original title of each book, it’s author, the date the book was believed to have been written, genre, the book’s intended audience, it’s place in the Old or New Testament, and a brief summary.

 Info from Books & Parchments Flashcards


Each card also includes a brief outline of each book. Not too much information, but just enough.

I bought these flashcards for myself, but they’d be great to use in your homeschool classroom, too. You could use them in a variety of ways from simply learning the names of the books of the Bible in order, to drilling your students on the authors of the books, or, as I’m using them, to refer to frequently as I begin reading or studying a new book of the Bible. With repeated use, I plan on having a lot of these facts memorized and I know that young students would be able to absorb and memorize much more.

 Books & Parchments flashcards on arrival

There are sixty* flashcards in the set. The cards are printed on a nice, slightly textured card stock, and arrive shrink wrapped with a sturdy cardboard backing. The cards are perforated and require no tearing or cutting. I simply bent the sheets forward and back along each perforation one time and they separated perfectly! (*A few of the cards represent more than one book of the Bible. For example: 1st and 2nd Samuel were originally one book, and the information on the single “Samuel” card applies to both books.)

The Books & The Parchments flashcards are published by Bible Classes for Students. Bible Classes for Students publishes Bible History and Geography curriculum, Bible flashcards, and offers reprints of classic children’s books.

“The one goal of Bible Classes for Students is to help students of all ages better know the Word of God at a deeper level.”
from the Bible Classes for Students website

The Books & The Parchments flashcards are available for $15; or you can order any two flashcard sets for $20. (Prices and terms are current as of today, but are subject to change by the publisher at any time.)

I’m looking forward to using The Books & The Parchments to enrich my own Bible study time.


Note: I bought these flashcards for myself. I’ve received no compensation from the publisher for this review, nor did the publisher solicit my review in any way.



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5 comments to The Books & The Parchments – Flashcards to Help in Your Study of God’s Word

  • elizabeth ebert

    Hi Cheryl…I have been reading your blog for many years, and have enjoyed it for many years:) I can relate so well to your day to day entries, but today’s was just what I needed. My daughter and son-in-law have prayerfully decided to homeschool their children next year, and I was looking for something as a little graduation present for them this week…well…I found it! The flashcards will be perfect! I’ve just placed an order :)…Elizabeth

  • Bettye Whitson

    I am trying to purchas 2 sets of flashcards for $20. but I get a total of $30.
    Please advise me asap as I am anxious to get started.

  • Bettye Whitson

    Thank you for your reply. If I need to mail a check or if there is a way I can use my credit card by phone I am willing to do so to get the reduced price and free shipping as advertised. Thanks