The Heart of a Child

We’ve been learning about China on Thursdays. Corin and my six grandbabies try to visit every week on Thursday afternoon. We read. We try to do a craft project. They borrow books to take home. They play. Lots and lots of play!

 Chinese Dragon Puppet

This year, rather than just reading a random selection of books every week, I decided we’d do very informal studies of various topics. Our current topic is China. I’ve been reading a couple of books every Thursday, and then we do a craft related to what we’ve learned about China.


My precious fifth grandchild dancing with her Chinese paper dragon.

Yesterday we learned about the things in our everyday lives that come from China and we learned the names of the colors in Chinese.

Colors of China is not just about color. Each page contains some really great, yet easy to understand, information about China. For example, the yellow (Huáng sè) page was all about family life in China under communist rule. Part of the text gave a very brief mention of China’s one child policy.

“In crowded cities, parents are allowed to have only one child.”

As soon as I’d read that statement, my seven year old granddaughter initiated the following conversation.

 paper Chinese dragon dance

She asked, “Only one child?”
“Yes”, I replied, “that’s right. The mommies there can’t be expecting their seventh baby like your mommy is.”
Several seconds passed and then she said, “Oh! That makes me sad.”

She sat quietly for a moment, and I started to turn to the next page of the book. Then, as she wiped her eyes, she said,

“That makes my eyes water.”

The heart of that child, the third of six and soon to be seven, is tender and precious and oh, so wise!


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