When It’s Not Copper’s Day Off

Copper was called in for a twelve hour overtime shift early this morning. He worked those twelve hours, came home a little after seven this evening, and then started caulking the windows on the front of the house in preparation for painting the trim around them. He works hard, that guy!

We worked hard today, too! A busy gopher destroyed all three rows of potatoes that Dani planted. We’re all pretty bummed. Copper actually saw the gopher in action one day last week and put an end to his criminal activity, but it was too late for the potatoes.

 potato plant destroyed by gopher

This afternoon, Dani dug up all three rows where her beautiful potato plants had been. She ended up with a little less than a gallon of potatoes, about half of them too small to use at all, but the others we’ll enjoy.

 Digging potatoes

I began working on our master bedroom closet today. It’s very narrow and very, very long.  We’ll be getting carpet sometime in the next few weeks making it the perfect time for a deep closet cleaning. I’m hoping to use the shelves in the back of my closet for my fabric stash, when it’s all said and done.

Closet cleaning, of course, means discarding stuff we no longer wear. That process netted a couple of bags full of clothes to donate to the Goodwill and a stack of eleven pairs of my husband’s old jeans. For years I’ve wanted to make a very simple, but sturdy, denim quilt to take to the beach or park, but I’ve never wanted to store old blue jeans long enough to have a large enough supply for a quilt. I’m doing the happy dance to have a nice, big stack of jeans ready all at once.


Stack of blue jeans for quilt

The quilt won’t be fancy, just simple squares, batted, backed and tied. I’m thinking something similar to this quilt that I found on Pinterest.



When it’s not Copper’s day off, and even when it is, he works hard! Dani and I followed his example and we got a lot done today.

How was your Monday?


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8 comments to When It’s Not Copper’s Day Off

  • The wood fence around our property is falling in various places. Hubby thinks the wood used may have not been treated as it is rotting away at the bottom and last year’s heavy rains didn’t help.

    Ironically, this year we are in serious drought. It looks like it may be the worse in our state’s recent history.

    Hubby is out today fixing as much of the fenceline as possible before our temps go up again. We’re having a two day respite from the heat with 90s returning Wednesday and 100’s by Friday. Blech…

    Glad Copper ended the career of the gophers. Hubby told me when he was a kid and he stayed on his grandparent’s farm in Minnesota, he and his uncle would go out and shoot gophers. They were such a problem for farmers that they were paid for every one of them whose ummm… career was ended. 😉

  • Sorry about your potato crop! I haven’t seen a gopher yet but the chipmunks are bad. I had about 8 peaches on a tree I planted last year and didn’t get one. I saw a chipmunk climb up and steal a peach (they were still small so how tasty could they have been). Next year I’ll be netting all my trees. They also helped themselves to the plums!

    Today my daughter and I touched up the red paint on our barn and I worked on a new bed that I expanded under a clump of trees. Now I’m going to pay some bills and re-arrange my fireplace mantel.

  • Susan G.

    Sorry about your potatoes! Many years back, I looked out the window and saw a sunflower shrinking! Down into the ground it was going, inch by inch. It was a gopher at work! Glad your gopher is no more.

    • Gophers are amazing, if you can get past the destruction they do. We had an entire, mature, pepper plant disappear one day. I’m sure, if we’d been watching, it would have looked much the same as your shrinking sunflower! By the way, I’m still determined to get a locust or two for you. The timing just hasn’t worked out yet for Dani to run through Herald on the way down to your part of the world.

  • My Monday was extremely busy!! I cleaned the house, started to catch up on blogging…and reading the posts I missed last week (once I was finished cleaning and cooking, of course)but posts come in as fast as I have time to read them, LOL!!