A Word About Using Pinterest As A Tool For Homemakers

Pinterest is a lot of fun. I enjoy spending time on Pinterest pinning things I’ve found online and repinning beautiful, creative or fun pins that others have pinned before me. Pinterest can be a good way to relax, but it can also be a helpful tool in the homemaker’s tool chest if it’s used wisely.

I’ve found hundreds of pins on Pinterest that have inspired me in my homemaking. There are new recipes to be tried, sewing tips to pick up, quilts to inspire, indoor and outdoor decorating ideas to implement, homeschooling resources to mine, and tons of do-it-yourself projects to try. The key, of course, is actually getting around to doing the stuff you pin!

The Tangle of Cords Under the Desk.

The messy tangle of cords under the desk drove me crazy!

The telephone, computer, printer and shredder cords under my desk have been driving me bonkers for years. They’re necessary, but they are so ugly. I stumbled across this pin on Pinterest awhile back and knew I’d discovered the answer to my cord problem.

Package of cup hooks.

The inventor of the cup hook was a genius!

 I picked up a similar basket at Wal-Mart for just a couple of bucks. We already had a package of cup hooks on hand.

I showed Aaron the picture on Pinterest and asked him if he’d fix things up for me. We pulled all the cords out and untangled them. Aaron used a drill to start the holes for the hooks and then screwed them all into place. Four hooks hold the basket in place, and we added a few others to hold the cords up next to the bottom of the desk as they snake their way to the computer, printer, phone, etc.

Aaron installing the cord basket under the desk.

Aaron spent less than fifteen minutes, start to finish, on this project.


Installing the cup hooks.

The boy has some mad-wicked cup hook spinning skills!

Pinterest can be a handy tool in your toolbox for new ideas and to spark your creativity, but just pinning and pining will lead to discontentment.

By all means, pin those pictures of beautifully decorated living rooms, romantic bedrooms or peaceful backyards, but don’t just pin them and then mourn the fact that your home doesn’t look like that. Use the pins to spark your own creativity, to work within your own God given budget, to do something similar in your own home.

The basket in place.

The basket ready for us to gather up all of the cords and put them in place.


And when you’re done, pin your finished project to your own “I Did It” or “My Finished Projects” board. Maybe your take on the original pin will inspire someone else!


No more tangle of cords under the desk.

No more cord mess! Just nice, empty floor space!

Pinterest is a great tool for homemakers, but remember to use that tool wisely.

Don’t pin and pine!

Get up from the computer and get to work on implementing some of the wonderful ideas you’ve found on Pinterest!

Using Pinterest wisely is a great way for us to look well to the ways of our own households.


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5 comments to A Word About Using Pinterest As A Tool For Homemakers

  • Jill

    What a wonderful idea. Those cords are always so unsightly!

  • That IS a great idea! And great words of wisdom about pinterest! So far I have been able to enjoy all the ideas without too much discontent, I just struggle with getting too many ideas at once and not focusing on implementing them one at a time:)

    • Angela, I think one of the best parts about Pinterest is the ability to glean a lot of ideas at one time, pinning them to my various boards. The key, for me at least, is to then look at the boards and prioritize just one or two things to work on in my home at a time, and one or two craft/sewing/quilting projects to work on at a time. The beauty of Pinterest is that I won’t forget any of the other great ideas I found. They’ll be right there waiting for me when I’ve finished what I’ve chosen to work on first.

  • I love Pinterest for “parking” recipes and garden ideas.

    Although I have lots of decorating pictures on there, I expect most of my pins are of food. I hope that doesn’t say anything about me, hehehe.

    Stephanie used Pinterest to get ideas for the wedding reception. Since she is a bossy first born perfectionist, I basically did what she said. 😉