Beautiful Baby Boy – Welcome Grandbaby #7!

In case you missed the announcement on my Facebook page, my seventh grandchild was born this last week.


Beautiful Baby Boy!

My seventh grandbaby!

He was a big boy, weighing in at 9 lbs. 5 ounces, but he’s perfect in every way.


I’m not buying his tale of woe.

He was trying to convince me that his life, so far, had been hard, but I wasn’t buying it and I told him so.

Auntie holding baby.

Aunt Dani is all smiles.


Aunt Dani is smitten. We all are.


Big brother is so proud of his baby brother.

He’s so proud of his new baby brother!

It was pure joy taking the other six children in to meet their new baby brother. I could post a ton of photos showing you how happy they all were to meet him, but I won’t. This single picture of my oldest grandson, age 10, holding his new baby brother tells the story well enough.


Grandma, mama and baby.

The beautiful Corin, baby, and me.

I plan to be blogging normally again this week. As always, though, I’m holding my own plans loosely, and waiting to see what the Lord brings my way. His timing is perfect and His gifts are unbelievably wonderful.


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