Copper’s Day Off – A Curriculum Ordering, Home Improving, Productively Sewing Kind of Day

The heat of summer has arrived here in northern California, so we spent the majority of the day working inside. We all were busy with various, separate tasks and managed, between us, to accomplish not much of anything! Days like that happen.

The day was still productive, we just don’t have much to show for our efforts yet. My husband began prepping the “parlor” for painting.  The room was meant to be a formal dining room, but we use it for a whole host of other purposes. The paint was bought months ago, but my husband was either working overtime or working on more pressing jobs outside. With the arrival of the heat, painting inside seemed like a good idea.

Emptying the China Cabinets

My husband carefully moving all of the china and glassware so he could paint.

My grandmother’s china cabinet had to be emptied, along with my mom’s small cabinet, and everything had to be pulled to the center of the room so he can paint. The center of the room looks a bit like a used china sale!

Both boys were busy all day with homeschooling, and William will finish seventh grade tomorrow! He’s excited to have a few weeks of summer vacation from school this year. We generally homeschool year round, but he asked if he could double up assignments and finish early. Of course!

I took the opportunity today to finalize my plans for curriculum for our next school year, and placed my orders. Aaron will be finishing up his senior year this fall, but by the end of the year, I will have only one student left. After twenty-four years of  homeschooling my children, I will spend the last four or five years of my homeschool mom career with only one student. Seems a little strange, but I am looking forward to seeing how the Lord will lead in this new season.

Sewing New Items for Her Etsy Shop

New items for her shop. I love the deep red and turquoise together.

Dani is branching out a bit, and will be renting a booth at a local arts and crafts street faire in our area in a few weeks. She’s sewing like crazy to fill her Etsy shop and her booth with all sorts of wonderful, new items. I love hearing her sewing machine humming along all day, and I love seeing the sweet, new garments as they’re finished.


Fabric for Grandbaby #7's Quilt

Fabric for a new blanket for my 7th (SEVENTH!!) grandbaby!

Speaking of sewing, I need to get started on a little project of my own. I’ve a seventh grand baby due in the very near future, and he needs to have something brand new from Grandma to celebrate his arrival. Primary colored cars, trucks and airplanes, set on a blue background with a cheery orange and red polka dot on yellow are perfect for a much-loved baby boy. I’m so looking forward to meeting him!

How was your Monday?


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4 comments to Copper’s Day Off – A Curriculum Ordering, Home Improving, Productively Sewing Kind of Day

  • Sounds like you had quite a productive day! I, too, will be homeschooling only one for the next 5 or 6 years. Life will be very different around here, but I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us. 🙂
    We spent most of our morning helping at our church VBS, were expecting 40-50 kids, ended up with almost 90 kids! We will be going all week, both of my kids are helpers along with a great crew of young moms, young adults, and teens. Should be a great week! Not sure how much of anything else I will get done, sewing sounds so lovely right now! 🙂

  • Elizabeth Quigley

    Hi Cheryl,
    What a busy productive day. love the fabric for the baby blanket.