Copper’s Day Off – Fruitful!

The summer weather is here, but all of the good, sweet fruit of summer is here with it.


We have lots and lots of blueberries this year.


We stayed busy today with needful things around the house, the boys homeschooling, Copper still working on the house trim, and a run to the vet for vaccines for the dog.


Copper Painting the House Trim

Scraping, caulking, painting – the trim on the house is coming right along.


I think we’ll pick plums this evening.


Plum Tree Full of Fruit

One of our plum trees.


How was your Monday?



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6 comments to Copper’s Day Off – Fruitful!

  • Bren

    It’s so hot here that we can’t do anything except sit in the house and stay cool. Anything over 90 and we are all thrown into a tizzy, so these triple digits are doing us in!!! I’d love to have that plum tree and those blueberries! Fruit off the vine….so good!

    • Triple digits are pretty common here all summer long, but we don’t have your humidity. Still, hot is hot! This is a good year for our blueberries.

  • We’ve considered planting one or two blueberry bushes when we expand our garden next year. The are so nutritious as well as yummy.

    My garden was wilted when I went out in the early afternoon to water it. I missed yesterday but we’d had a little rain the day before (not even near being a drought breaker) and I couldn’t get out until later today. I know mid-day is not a good time of day to water.

    You could almost SEE the plants perk up as they were watered. We’re running about fifteen degrees above normal as well as dry.

  • You always have such bounty!! I love your plum tree!! My flowers bloom later than a town 20 miles away, lol, because they are partly shaded. I love the beauty of where I live, so I don’t mind.