Menu Plan for a Week in Mid-July

We enjoyed a wonderful Independence Day, and ate ourselves silly at our feast in the park! It was fabulous to have all four of my children and all six of my grandchildren there, along with a good friend and his family. We were quite a big group, but it was delightful!

We’ll reach mid-July by the end of this week, and I’m cooking most everything on the grill or on the stove top. No use heating up the house with the oven if we don’t need to! Dani’s carrot cake will be an exception, of course, but she generally bakes early in the day before it gets too hot. It’s pretty easy to cook pizza on the grill, and most veggies roast nicely on the grill, either wrapped in foil or placed right on the grill. I’ll even cook the chicken for Thursday’s Pasta Primavera on the grill before bringing it in to slice and serve over the pasta and veggies. Mmmmmm, sounds good to me already!

Breakfast – Waffles
Lunch – Sub Sandwiches & Chips
Dinner – Golden Chicken with Ginger and Peppers over Steamed White Long Grain Basmati, Orange Ginger Glazed Carrots – The entire meal can be found in my favorite cookbook for busy days.  (Here’s my review of that cookbook.)

Breakfast – Cereal
Lunch – Grilled Multi-Cheese Sandwiches, Fresh Spinach Salad with Red Onions, Bacon and Raspberry Vinaigrette
Dinner –  Grilled Marinated Island Tri-Tip, New Potatoes in Herbs & Butter, Grilled Zucchini Parmesan, Ambrosia Salad

Breakfast – Link Sausages, Cinnamon Raisin Toast
Lunch – Cheese and Veggie Sandwiches, Fruit
Dinner – Hawaiian Chicken Pizza (with Canadian Bacon, Chicken, Bacon & Pineapple), Green Salad

Breakfast – Rolled Wheat Cereal (like old-fashioned oatmeal, but wheat), with cinnamon and sugar
Lunch – Meat Sandwiches, Chips
Thursday Afternoon Treat – Carrot Cake
Dinner – Grilled Chicken over Pasta Primavera, Green Salad

Breakfast – Pancakes
Lunch – Meat, Cheese, Cracker & Fruit Plates
Dinner – Bourbon Sauced Pork Chops, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Garden Veggies

Breakfast – Cereal
Lunch – Dani’s Choice
Dinner – Nachos and LOST (We’ve reached the final season!)

Breakfast – Blueberry Coffeecake
Lunch – Out After Church
Dinner – Wild Dinner – Our Sunday evening, every man for himself, snack fest!


I’m joining in at both Menu Plan Monday and On The Menu Monday this week. Be sure to visit both sites for lots of great menu plans and recipes.


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9 comments to Menu Plan for a Week in Mid-July

  • Steve

    Save me some pizza.

  • Cheryl, I love that you plan breakfast, lunch AND dinner! I strive to do that someday! Thank you for the proverb reminder! Isn’t it such a blessing to be able to look after our household with help from our great LORD!
    Thank you so much for joining ON THE MENU MONDAY with this delicious menu!

  • Elizabeth Quigley

    Hi Cheryl,
    Great menu plan. Everything sounds so yummy. Thank you for your sweet note. We are doing well. No one was hurt in the accident however our car and the other one was damaged. With it being ruled Dave’s fault our insurance took care fixing both of them. It was a very costly lesson. Have a very wonderful week.

  • I’m popping in for a visit from Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday.
    You have a delicious menu planned. Blueberry Crumbcake sounds so good!
    I hope you continue to enjoy the summer in your neck of the woods.

  • I need to start planning my menu…but I always find that hard to do in the summer!! I always enjoy your posts 🙂