What I Did While I Was Away

I want to thank you all for being so gracious during my unplanned time away.   I remind you all, frequently, to hold your plans loosely, knowing that the Lord’s plan for your days is always better. It’s still important to plan, of course, but it’s also important to be able to discern when it’s time to step away from those plans. This was just such a time for me.
So here’s what I did while I was away.


Painting the Parlor

I love seeing the first strokes of new paint on a wall!


Copper painted our front parlor. It’s the most wonderful, cheerful yellow! The color is Behr Cornsilk. I love the way that the color changes witht the light throughout the day, from the palest of creamy yellows in bright sunlight to a deeper, richer yellow in low light. To paint the room, my grandmother’s china cabinet needed to be emptied so that it could be pulled away from the wall. My husband took pictures of the big china cabinet, as well as the smaller one, with my phone before carefully unloading them. Bless that man for his foresight! He stacked all of that china and glassware neatly on a couple of tables in the center of the room.


Then the carpet, that had been on order for over a month, finally arrived. Five rooms of cabinets, drawers and closets needed to emptied before the installers arrived. It took us a couple of days. The parlor, of course, was one of the rooms to be carpeted. So, all of the china needed to be moved from tables in the parlor, tables in the living room. We took the opportunity to take the china cabinet to the glass shop to have the long ago broken piece of curved glass replaced (with high quality plexi-glass), so the china got moved back to a table in the parlor when we put the house back together after the carpet was installed. Putting the house back together took three days! Getting new carpet is almost as work as moving.


Yellow Parlor

Fresh paint & new carpet!


Can I just take a moment to say how nice it is to have new carpet? It’s nice. Very, very nice.


Will spent a week on a lake with our church’s youth group. They lived on houseboats, explored the topic “Who is Jesus?”, tubed behind speed boats, swam, hiked and had a wonderful time. William came home very, very sun tanned and sick. His summer/camp cold turned into asthma and necessitated a trip to allow the doctor to listen to his lungs and prescribe new inhalers, which put him on the road toward recovery.


The grandkids arrived early on a Sunday evening and stayed with us while Corin was in the hospital giving birth and recovering. They were all so good and helpful. They played and swam and brought so much fun into the house.


The china cabinet came home the day the grandkids left. That was the same day we met Will’s summer league baseball coach and attended his first practice. Eventually, the china and glassware were all hand washed, hand dried and put back away into the china cabinet. We moved that china a total of four times!


 Trial set up of craft booth


Dani has decided to expand her business by attending a few of the nicer, local street faires, festivals and craft shows. We’ve spent some time considering various ways of displaying her items, and how she’d best like to do things; and then she and I spent an entire day shopping for her booth. Fun stuff!


The afternoon I took Will to the doctor, Aaron helped Dani do a practice set up of her booth in the front yard. She texted me pictures before, during and after it was finished. It looked very nice!


Practice set up of craft booth

Poor Aaron. He looks less than thrilled to be holding tiny, little vests hung on tiny, little hangers.


A few things had to go by the wayside, of course, during that time. My normal, scheduled homemaking, went by the wayside as we made way for the carpet layers and then as we enjoyed having the six grandkids here. While it’s important for us to keep reasonably neat and reasonably clean homes, cleaning can happen anytime. The opportunity to spend three full days with the grandkids doesn’t come along every day.


Letting go of stuff around the house was easy. Realizing that I would not be able to make my new grandson’s blanket before his arrival was harder. Much harder. I’m hoping to get started on it soon. I have a project to finish up for Dani first.


Red, White & Black Fabrics

Red, white & black – Dani’s shop colors!


Those weeks passed by so quickly, and now it’s nearly August. I’m looking forward to these last few weeks of summer, but I’m also looking forward to putting together our fall/school schedules and routines, too.


How’s your summer been? Ready to start thinking about the more structured schedules and routines of September?


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5 comments to What I Did While I Was Away

  • The carpet and paint look wonderful! Looks like you have had a very productive ‘time away’. It sure is nice to take a break from certain things every now and then. Enjoy your last few weeks of summer!

    • I’m hoping to get the finishing touches done in my parlor and front hall way before school starts, but I’m not banking on it! I’m loving the new paint on the walls, though, and the new carpet underfoot.

  • Can we just say CRAZY BUSY! I really don’t like things to be going so fast. There hasn’t been a minute to catch our breath! We are doing a remodel on my grandmother’s old house so that we can rent it out (got to keep someone in it or the old pipes will freeze up). Hubby had shoulder surgery so he can’t really do much but instruct…ugh! Now it is time to be getting ready for the kids to go back to school. shopping to do, meals to fix, house to clean, then there is my JOB away from home. I try very hard to hold my plans loosely. Because there isn’t much else I can do…Thanks for sharing your time away. Hope Will is feeling better.

    • Things do sound crazy busy there, Monica! You just keep holding those plans loosely, and watch and see what the Lord does. He’s so good to us! Hope your husband’s shoulder heals quickly.

  • michell

    I have read your blog for quite some time. You and your family are an inspiration of working, playing and just “being” together. Congratulations on the new baby, paint and carpet, and Dani’s further business adventures. What a wonderful season of growth and changes for your family! Enjoy the rest of the summer!