When It All Comes Crashing Down

Can I be brutally honest? It’s been a tough couple of days! I emailed a friend this morning and told her that all of those plates I’ve been spinning on poles had not only started wobbling, but one plate had crashed to the ground and a couple more were threatening to fall. I was snapping at my family and clenching my teeth and  wondering how I’d get all of those plates spinning again and keep them spinning.

The answer, of course, was simple enough. Stop spinning a couple of the plates until things calm down. I knew, from the start, that was the answer, but it’s often hard to decide which things to let go, especially when some of the things that might need to be let go are time sensitive and won’t be able to be done at all if they aren’t done now. So, I prayed for wisdom for choosing rightly and peace to let go of the things that were not meant to be.

two new books for summer reading

God’s timing of the arrival of these books was perfect!

And then the UPS driver left a package by my backdoor. I knew what was in it, but I still couldn’t help smiling when I opened it. God’s timing is exquisite. One new book to help me make better use of an app that I use daily and love and one book to remind me that Jesus is working even through the chaos of my wild, plate-spinning, day-to-day lifesimply because He loves me.

He loves me. He loves you, too, even when the plates are spinning wildly on the ends of their poles and even when one or two, or even all, of them come crashing down. He’s still there, and He still loves you in the midst of it all.

Those plates that I  must keep spinning may, or may not, keep me away from my computer until the middle of next week. If I’m scarce, I hope that you’ll understand that I’m looking well to the ways of my household and enjoying a couple of good, new books when I get a chance to sit for a bit.

I’m old enough to remember watching acts like this every week on Ed Sullivan’s TV show. Enjoy!

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11 comments to When It All Comes Crashing Down

  • Kristi

    I loved that book! Because He Loves Me, that is! It was instrumental in changing my life. I AM LOVED!! So are you. Even if every last one of your plates – spinning or not – fall and crash to bits.

    I love ya too!! Hang in there!!!

  • Love you. So does He.

  • What if we lived under a banner which read, “It is Finished!” What would we do then?
    Oh yeah, we live under a banner that declares “It is Finished!”

  • I can so relate to this post today! We just finished our fourth day of VBS today with one more day tomorrow. We ended up with twice as many kids as we were expecting and I have a very full plate until the middle of August. I read that Elyse Fitzpatrick book already, but I am going to have to see if the Evernote book is available at the library. Thanks for sharing with us, and I will be praying that you have a chance to be still… 🙂

  • Susan

    Thank you for this awesome reminder of how much He does love us, even with the plates crashing!

  • Thank you so much for such a touching post, especially today. I never saw the Ed Sullivan Show as far as I can remember (but I am old enough, lol) I intently watched the plates spin thinking how they reminded me of my children. When my plates come crashing down it usually has something to do with our children.

  • Julie D

    I need to find the link to it but I printed off a free guide a few months ago to Evernote the incorporated David Allen’s Getting Things Done Method in with Evernote. Using tags etc. to keep things organized. I am in the process of setting all of it up in my own evernote and hoping it helps. I really love Evernote. I had used OneNote for awhile and all though many of OneNotes features were amazing and I loved them it bogged down my system big time and took so long to load. Evernote with the browser buttons are great. Also, if you haven’t tried it, I love their Evernote Clearly Browser add in for reading blogs and web pages. It takes all the “stuff” out of the way so it’s easier to read.