Using Google Calendar To Budget Your Time

Over the years, I’ve used all sorts of products for planning my days. A good, old-fashioned wall calendar, a binder I put together for myself that I then lovingly referred to as “Mom’s Brain in a Binder”, and for several years I used those beautiful, two-pages per day Day Timer planners.


My old […]

Hanging On To Summer’s Coat Tails

Summer is flying by! I’m hanging on to her coat tails, trying to slow down the pace, but it’s not working.


Copper and I have found the importance (and luxury) of saving up throughout the year to get away for a few days for our anniversary. Last week we celebrated […]

Time Management – Schedule or Flow Chart?

Are you a schedule keeper, or are you more of a flow chart kind of gal? Since I frequently remind you to hold your plans loosely, I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that I’m more of a flow chart girl. The irony is the fact that I love schedules.

If you were to […]

Using The Envelope System For Time Management

Late summer is the ideal time to begin planning for fall. Fall traditionally heralds back-to-school and the return to more structured days after summer’s more relaxed pace. The long, hot days of late summer, are often the perfect time to begin planning for fall. We can take the time to look over our current schedules […]

Copper’s Day Off – The Heat Is On!

We’ve had triple digit temperatures for six days now, and the forecast calls for triple digits until Friday. Northern California is sizzling!

Copper carefully unpacking his new TV.

Copper has long wanted a new TV and a Blue-ray player. That man works so much overtime, but the money always seems […]

Deep Into Summer Planning Time

I just wanted to pop in and say that I’m deep into my late summer planning time. I’m not planning what’s left of my summer, that’s already done. Rather, I’m working on my personal, homeschool, homemaking, and assigned chores schedules in preparation for September. I know most of you would call that fall planning time, […]

Copper’s Day Off – Beach Day Edition!

The last three days have been non-stop. Two baseball games, one Friday evening the other Saturday morning. Saturday’s game went into overtime play. There was an afternoon of necessary errands in town. I helped Will catch up on his laundry when he fell behind after the back to back baseball games. We attended a 60th […]


A few years ago, pastor/blogger Tim Challies inspired me to broaden the scope of my reading by including some selections from The New York Times Non-fiction Best Sellers list. Since that time, I’ve read several books from that list, and I’ve learned a lot in the process. With only the rare exception, I’ve enjoyed every […]