Copper’s Day Off – Beach Day Edition!

The last three days have been non-stop. Two baseball games, one Friday evening the other Saturday morning. Saturday’s game went into overtime play. There was an afternoon of necessary errands in town. I helped Will catch up on his laundry when he fell behind after the back to back baseball games. We attended a 60th anniversary party for Copper’s Aunt and Uncle, and had a great time visiting with family. I  saw Corin, Rob and all seven grandkids two days in a row! I’ve missed them. We set up Dani’s booth at a street faire/craft show, all the while watching the gathering rain clouds and fighting the gusty winds and praying that it wouldn’t rain until after the street faire. It didn’t.

Capitola Beach Boogie Boarding

Dani & Will on boogie boards at the beach.

At Friday evening’s baseball game, I was hit by a young boy on a bicycle, causing us both to hit the ground hard and fast, so fast that I have no idea how I got some of the bruises I’m seeing, or why some of the sore places are sore. I’m fine, just a bit black and blue.

In the midst of that, there were still meals and laundry and chores and watering to be done, but we pulled together as a family and kept it all going.

Kids boogie boarding in the Pacific

The waves weren’t great, but they enjoyed boogie boarding anyway.

Sunday morning’s worship was wonderful, as always. We went out for lunch, then we picked up Copper’s birthday cake. You know that we’ve been way busier than normal if neither Dani or I had time to make him a cake! We came home and put our feet up for just a couple of hours before heading to town to meet Corin’s family and Copper’s Dad and his wife for dinner. Everyone came out here after dinner for cake and ice cream.

Poor Aaron has been sick with a terrible, terrible cold for several days now, and has missed all of the fun, including today’s much anticipated day at the beach. Looks like we’ll have to plan another trip when he’s well enough to go along, too.

Feet in the Tide

The water was very cold, but I enjoyed it!

Today’s beach day was perfect – 75*, sunny, with a cool breeze coming in off the ocean. Just what we all needed after the busy, busy weekend.

Hope your Monday is finding you just as blessed.



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4 comments to Copper’s Day Off – Beach Day Edition!

  • Whew! It’s been a whirlwind over there, yeah??? I’m SO glad you were able to have a day “off” and enjoy the beach. 75* sounds AH-mazing…especially since we are sweltering in the 90s every day now. Sorry to hear about Aaron’s being sick and missing so much of the fun; but I totally agree – that is a gReAt excuse to go again really soon! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the lovely pics,

  • Hi Cheryl,
    How fun. I love the beach. Praying all is well soon.

  • Even though your life is sounding busy right now, your days are very productive! And the beach is the best place to wind down at. Blessings!

    • The beach is most definitely the best place to wind down. I love the sound of the waves and the feel of the sand and the warmth of the sun and the smell of the water.