Copper’s Day Off – Licensed Drivers and Moose Tracks Ice Cream

Today was Copper’s day off, and what a full day it has been!

Lunch at my desk

Loaded baked potatoes for a working lunch.

We are in full retirement planning mode here. After more than thirty years in law enforcement, my husband has decided to retire in March. Our budget will be getting a bit of an overhaul and we have a lot of paperwork to gather and file. The next six months will be busy, but we are more than ready for him to retire. I ate lunch at my desk today, reviewing what we’ve already done and planning our next step.



Driving home after passing his driver’s test. (Photo from Copper’s iPhone)

Our budget overhaul involves more than just planning for retirement, though. We added a newly licensed driver to our policy today. Eighteen year old boys are not cheap. They eat a ton of food, and their auto insurance rates are ridiculously high, but they’re also a huge blessing. Gosh, I love this kid! He’s worth every penny!


Making Homemade Ice Cream

Back porch ice cream!

Dani made two batches of homemade ice cream today. Our favorite recipe for homemade chocolate ice cream is Schoolhouse Chocolate Ice Cream. For the Moose Tracks Ice Cream, Dani used this vanilla ice cream baseย and added a homemade chocolate syrup swirl and chopped miniature peanut butter cup candies.


ย Untitled

Pending retirement, teen drivers and ice cream. What a great day!


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6 comments to Copper’s Day Off – Licensed Drivers and Moose Tracks Ice Cream

  • So glad to hear that the retirement plans are coming together nicely. And wow – your boy doesn’t look much like a “boy” anymore, does he??? Quite a nice looking young MAN driving your vehicle! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And ohhhhh…the ice cream looks YUMMO!

    I am so happy that you had a happy day, my friend!

  • Jill

    That’s such exciting news…retirement!! I know you did the Dave Ramsey plan to become debt free and I know that must have helped with your decision…congrats! That’s so exciting that you have added a new licensed driver..he looks so mature! Ice cream..beyond yummy!

  • Besides the desk work, looks like you had a fun day! Still hard to believe our boys are driving! Crazy how quickly these days are flying by, makes it all the more important to stop and enjoy ice cream along the way… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Cheryl,
    How exciting. We are right there with you. Dave is retiring Dec 31,2012. He plans to do a little consulting next year to stay busy.

  • Whenever my daughter and her family travel back to the Midwest, they are always surprised at the number of teenage drivers.

    Where they live in New England, insurance is so high that many young people have to wait until they are much older than sixteen to drive. As it was, both of our kids were around seventeen.

    Given what is going on in California, retiring now is a great idea! How nice it will be to have Hubby home more often. Although what helps us the most is now each of us have our own room to retreat to, hehehe.

  • Congratulations on the upcoming retirement, and on the new driver in the family!

    That ice cream looks SUPERB. ๐Ÿ™‚