Copper’s Day Off – We May Be Crazy Edition

I really do appreciate overtime shifts, and I appreciate that my husband so willingly works them. I was really glad today, though, that the phone didn’t ring way too early in the morning and that my husband was able to enjoy this holiday Monday at home.

Most of you know that Will enjoyed his very first season ever of Cal Ripken Little League last spring. We all enjoyed it. In fact, we enjoyed it so much, we decided to sign up for a quick little four week “summer ball” season hosted by the Cal Ripken League. Despite the heat, we had a blast. Will’s team had eleven wins and only one loss during the month-long season. We thought we were done until spring.

The Catcher

The boy behind home plate.

We may be crazy, but at the very last minute, while Copper and I were away for our anniversary, we made the decision to sign Will up to play “Fall Ball” through the Babe Ruth league so he could gain some experience on the full sized diamond and continue his season just a few weeks longer.

If that’s not crazy enough, he was very excited to be given a chance to try out for the catcher’s position. Turns out, he wasn’t bad. He wasn’t great, but he wasn’t bad. Unfortunately, the league’s catcher’s gear is sized for a more “average” sized thirteen year old, and wasn’t adequate for our 5′ 11″ boy.

The Catcher

Lots of new skills to learn!

Catcher’s gear has been purchased, adjusted, tried out, and readjusted. Copper and Aaron have been practicing with Will for the last couple of days getting him ready for a couple of practices this week and his first game on Saturday. He’s hoping to do well enough at practice to be allowed to catch at least a couple of innings in Saturday’s game. We’ll see.

Strike One

Copper pitches, while Aaron waits to catch balls as a second baseman.

Call us crazy, but we think it’s great that our first baseball year is running from late February right on through October!


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4 comments to Copper’s Day Off – We May Be Crazy Edition

  • Elizabeth V.

    Your post makes me smile. I love cheering the people I love do something they love. Our daughter starts her high school volleyball season tomorrow with the team’s first match. She plays in a club program Dec. – June which she really loves. It has required a large adjustment to home schedules but we’ve been able to make it work for her and for us. Thanks for you wise counsel to hold those plans loosely. Best wishes to your boy and kudos to him for trying a new position! Catching is hard work but certainly comes with opportunities for big plays at the plate. I suspect you will see some big grins behind that mask!

  • It is so good to hear that Will is enjoying baseball so much! And why not continue the season? I’m sure it will help his skills to develop quickly with so much reinforcement. 🙂

    And…how in the world did he get to be 5’11” SO QUICKLY??? My word…he must have sprouted – quite literally – in his sleep!!! 😉

    So proud of your growing boy(s),