Fall Menu Planning In Advance (among other things)

Fall will arrive, officially, on September 22. Though it was 90° this afternoon, there was a decided “fall” feel to the afternoon breeze. I filled my arms with a few projects and headed outside to work at the picnic table in the front yard. It was pleasant in the shade, and I was able to get quite a bit done, including some fall menu planning. I love our country road this time of year as harvesting equipment of all shapes and sizes (but mostly huge!) pass by the house all day long. Dixie, our sweet lab mix, enjoyed being out front with me and she chased trucks and tractors to her heart’s content all along our front fence line.


Summer weather continues in our neck of the woods.


One of the things I worked on was adding some new, fall dishes to my “Recipes to Try (Fall)” folder on Evernote. I already have a fairly lengthy list of recipes saved in that folder, but I love to cook and I especially love trying new recipes. Today I chose recipes from two of my favorite sources for new recipes,  the current issue of Taste of Home(August/September 2012) and the fall section of Six O’Clock Scramble to the Rescue.

I like doing this sort of advance work for menu planning. The I time spent today, saving some new fall recipes to my Evernote folder (complete with pictures in most cases), added to my list of new recipes that I can quickly scan, choose from, and then drop into my weekly menu plan in the coming weeks. Because the entire recipe is included, I don’t need to open up cookbooks or retrieve a magazine when I plan my menu and/or make my shopping list. The time I enjoyed outside this afternoon will save me oodles of time in the season ahead.


My Evernote “Recipes to try (fall)” folder.


The only problem I encountered was the fact that, as the dinner hour approached, more and more recipes were making their way onto my list of recipes to try. It didn’t help that the aroma of the Chicken Enchiladas that Dani was making for dinner was wafting out into the front yard!

Copper wasn’t off today. He worked a twelve hour overtime shift and then texted me on his way home to ask me out to the movies this evening. The boys were coerced by their sister happily volunteered to take care of the kitchen for me so I could go. Date night!

Taking the time to create a “bank” of new, fall recipes to choose from, as we plan our menus in the weeks ahead, is one way that we can all look well to the ways of our households.


Looking for menu planning help? Click the button below to be taken to my Menu Planning Series.

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11 comments to Fall Menu Planning In Advance (among other things)

  • It is finally getting cooler here. Our high temps (as we go up and down) are at least around 80 degrees instead of 90s.

    I’ve been using Pinterest for “parking” interesting recipe ideas. One who follows me on Pinterest would believe all I think about is food, hehehe.

    • I have quite a few recipes saved on Pinterest, too, but I don’t often think to check there for my saved recipes when I’m menu planning. Pinterest is a such a love way to waste spend time! 😉

  • Jill

    I tend to cut out recipes from magazines and print off copies from the internet. Once I do this, I tend to put them on my desk and into a folder of recipes to try and I have so many, I don’t know where to begin. I like the way you are able to organize yours and you have given me encouragement to find a computer program where I can do this and recycle all the papers!!

  • What did you see at the movies? 🙂 Always hoping to find something worth watching.

    I’ll have to check out the Evernote. Looks fascinating.

    Blessings to you. Still waiting for a phone call when you come to Manteca. 🙂

    • Evernote – I use it all day, every day. I used to use several different programs and/or apps, but I came to discover that Evernote could do everything that all the others were doing, and often Evernote did it better.

      I’m very seldom down your way, but I will definitely let you know if I will be.

    • Oh, the movie. We saw 2016. It was…..interesting.

  • Michele

    i can’t wait for your blog about Evernote. i’ve been incorporating it more and more into my daily life and it’s lifechanging. i always love to learn how others are using it.
    question – when you add recipes from the current issue of Taste of Home, do you find them on their site and then use the Evernote web clipper? or do you manually scan them in?

  • I really need to get back to menu planning. I was doing so well and then started to get sick and so of course that went out the window. But I’m back to feeling well so I need to also get back to menu planning. I find it such a sanity saver and really helps with the budget.

  • Ah….I too have been working on my menu planning for fall. You have such a better grasp on all this though. I have Evernote but really need to learn how to use it other than dump something into it. I am going to spend some time reading some of your menu planning posts I might not have read. Thanks so much for posting on this topic so I can update my methods.