Jesus Loves Me This I Know

I’ve been trying to write a review of this book for more than a week. I loved the book. I recommended it over and over again (to the same friend), and yet, I couldn’t find the words to write the review.

Then it dawned on me. The Lord had shown me so much through the book, it was just too personal to share. My copy is highlighted extensively!  Because He Loves Me: How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life will soon go on the shelf with all of the other books that I intend to read again and again.


Elyse Fitzpatrick’s writing style is warm and filled with charity. She constantly refers to the Scriptures, keeping her readers focus on the Lord rather than on the world. Her constant theme is God’s love and how that love works to transform our identity and our lives. Note that it’s His work that transforms, and not anything we can do on our own.

“Although God does discipline or train us as the Master Teacher he is (Heb. 12:5 ff), his work in our lives is never punitive; it is always redemptive. This means that he doesn’t punish us for our sin; but rather that, because of his great love, he gently and lovingly frees us from the lies, misconceptions, and idolatries that captivate and enslave our hearts. He never punishes us in wrath because he has no wrath left. Every drop of his wrath was all poured out on his Son.”

Beautiful, yes? Here’s another little snippet.

“Employ his promise that the days of weeping and “gnashing of teeth” for you will indeed end. Your enemy and your faithless heart are lying when they tell you that your circumstances will never change. An endless day of joy is coming and nothing can avert its dawning. You could as easily stop the revolution of the earth around the sun as you could stop the dawning of that day!”

Book With Highlight

My copy of Because He Loves Me.

I shared another wonderful quote from Because He Loves Me on the Facebook page several days ago because it was such a great reminder for us as we remember to hold our plans loosely. With that theme in mind, I’d like to share just one more quote from this wonderful book.

“…..I can prepare my heart by thanking God that I accomplished all he had for me that day, even if I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked; I can offer my day and all my work to him and ask him to use it for his glory;….”

Elyse Fitzpatrick’s Because He Loves Me: How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life is an easy read, but it’s best read slowly, taking plenty of time to ponder what you’ve just read before moving on. There are a few questions included at the end of each chapter to help you with that, if you care to use them.

Reading this book was an intensely personal thing for me. It touched me deeply, and I’m still going back and rereading sections of it. Because He Loves Me: How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life is a book I would recommend highly to all of you.


Remember, I think it is very, very important for you to read, and for you to read as broadly as you can. Please, ladies (and you fellas, too), don’t shortchange yourselves. Read! Need some inspiration? The books I’m currently reading can be found here, and the books I’ve read so far this year are listed here.


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5 comments to Jesus Loves Me This I Know

  • Jill

    Good Morning. As I write this, you are probably still sleeping :). I have just put this book on hold from the library and am so looking forward to reading it. Thanks much for the review and suggestion. Blessings for a wonderful weekend.

  • Thanks so much for the heart-felt recommendation, Cher! I have added this book to my wishlist. 🙂 I also found it in e-book form at the ChristianBooks website, in case you didn’t see it there yet. It is a little cheaper in e-form. I think I will hold out for the hard copy, though. 🙂

    I am so thankful that this book ministered to your heart. What a blessing that is! 🙂


  • i’ve added this book to my amazon wish list. thank you for your personal review . . :o)