Because She Asked So Nicely

Misty mentioned on the facebook page that she has missed the menu posts. Her comment was so sweet, I decided to just carve out some time to make it happen, at least for this week.

Thanks for your prayers for Copper. He had an unusually long lithotripsy procedure on Friday afternoon, and it looks like it was successful. He’s feeling much better and is, mostly, pain free. I am so thankful! He has a follow up next Friday, which will involve another short procedure, and then we are hoping to put this latest kidney stone incident behind us.

Dani is spending at least part of every Sunday an hour or so from home, as she and Sean enjoy some pre-marital counseling sessions with his pastor and continue to plan for their new life together. He took a box of her books home with him  when he visited earlier this week, and she packed up some of her collected kitchen things to take down this afternoon. The boys are teasing her, of course, about which one of them will move into her room when she’s married, but they will both miss her terribly. We all will, but it’s such a joyful time, too.

In the middle of all of that, the dry wells for our septic system failed. We’re expecting a crew tomorrow morning out to begin trenching and digging to install the new dry wells. With all of this happening at the same time, we just have to laugh!

With all of the wedding, septic and medical stuff that’s been going on, it’s been a relief knowing that our dinners are planned every night. We have sort of a weekly routine here for breakfasts (Monday waffles, Tuesday cereal, Wednesday toast, etc.), so that continues; and Dani is our lunch lady and more than capable of coming up with a week’s worth of healthy lunches for us without any prompting from me. I’m happy for that. Dinners, though, need to be planned or things fall apart pretty quickly.

That said, here’s our dinner menu for the next week!

Monday – Chicken and Rice Salad with Peanut Sauce with savory crackers on the side

Tuesday – Nutty Turkey Slices, Cheddar Potato Strips, Roasted Broccoli

Wednesday – It’s Dani’s night to cook. I know she’s making Orange Chicken, but I don’t know what sides she has planned.

Thursday – Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Garlic Bread, Green Salad

Friday – French Canadian Meat Pie (This recipe makes two pies, so I’ll have one for the freezer!), mixed vegetables, fruit

Saturday – Nachos

Sunday – Twice Baked Potatoes

Be sure to visit On The Menu Monday and Menu Plan Monday for more menu ideas.

 Need help with menu planning?
My menu planning series might help!



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6 comments to Because She Asked So Nicely

  • Sounds like a wonderful menu. I haven’t made out menus in ages and should get back to it. It certainly makes you look forward to a yummy week!

  • I will pray for your husband. Mine gets terrible kidney stones every few years. He has had lithotripsy on and off for the past 19 years. The last two have been more difficult ones.

    I keep trying to get on track with menus…thanks for the encouragement.

    • The kidney stones have been part of our lives for almost as long as your husband has dealt with them. Not. Pleasant. We’ve had successful litho and unsuccessful litho. Looks like this time was successful. I’m just pleased that our hospital’s ambulatory surgery clinic has improved it’s facilities and policies. It makes it much more pleasant for the patient and much, much more pleasant for those who are with the patient.

  • Jill

    Yum. I love what’s on your menu for the week. May I ask, what is nutty turkey? So glad Copper is doing better and he will continue to be in my prayers! So, when are we going to hear the story of Sean and Dani and how they met?

    • Jill, you can click the link for the Nutty Turkey slices from within the post, or you can visit Taste of Home and search their site for the recipe. It’s a new one, for me, but it sure sounded good.

      I was hoping that Dani and Sean would have written their story and had it posted to her blog by now. As you can imagine, they are pretty busy with the wedding less than seven weeks away. Hopefully, it will happen soon,

  • Michelle W.

    I’ve been thinking of you all so much this week and now you’re just seven days away from the wedding!
    I’m sure that you are busier than busy, but I wanted you to know that you are being thought of and prayed for as you prepare for Dani and Sean’s special day.
    Have a blessed holiday and please be sure to share with us when you get a chance!