Copper’s Day Off – 8mm Edition

Today is Copper’s Day off. In fact, he has been home from work for about a week, and he will be home through next weekend. The poor guy has been dealing with kidney stones. We’ve travelled this road before and often, though it’s been awhile since his last episode. It’s been several years since he’s had stones large enough to require surgery, but one of his stones this time around is 8mm.

 Kidney Stones Stink

When I first saw that 8mm number on the radiology report, I thought it was a typo. Then I saw the scan with a 7.9mm stone clearly marked on the screen. Wow. Just wow. Copper had a surgical procedure last week on Tuesday, and he’s scheduled for Lithotripsy this Friday. I’m praying that the Lithotripsy will be successful in smashing that ginormous boulder stone to smithereens.

Celebrating the Wedding Response Cards

The wedding response cards are so much fun to read and re-read.

Wedding planning is progressing well, though at a pretty frantic pace. We eagerly check the mailbox every day for response cards, and have had fun opening them to see who will be there to share in Sean and Dani’s special day on December 29.

My closet is filling quickly with suits for my two boys, who will both be groomsmen, three flower girl dresses, a mother of the bride dress, and, very soon, a wedding gown. Dani chose to wear my wedding gown, and we expect to pick it up from the alterations lady in the next few days. She will be such a beautiful bride!

retirement clock

tick, tick, tick, tick, tick

Copper’s retirement clock continues its countdown, too. It won’t be long until almost every day will be Copper’s day off!




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4 comments to Copper’s Day Off – 8mm Edition

  • I’m so sorry that your husband is suffering. We know how painful they can be.

    But, so happy for your daughter.. and that hubby is retiring very soon! PTL!

    Good things in the future… YAY!

  • Busy, busy around your home! Praying your hubby is feeling much better soon!

  • I just filled out our response card but the only thing I could find was a colored pencil. That’s fitting for us homeschoolers, isn’t it???

  • Michelle W.

    I missed these updates–I’m so sorry to hear that Copper has been suffering so…I have a dear friend who has dealt with kidney stones, so know a little bit of the pain they suffer. I can’t imagine one 8mm! I hope that he is feeling much better now.

    I think that it is terribly sweet that Dani is going to wear your own gown. My mother’s gown was destroyed in a flood about 8 years before I married, but I had always thought it would have been nice to be able to wear her gown.

    I’m also happy for you both that Copper will be able to retire soon. Will he plan to stay home then or will he be taking up some other interests? My bil will be able to retire soon, but my own dh didn’t start his career at the sheriff’s office until he was in his late 30’s, so we have a few years to go. 🙁

    It’s always good to hear about you and your family!