With Humblest Apologies….

If you are a subscriber to this site, you may have received a ridiculous number of notifications in the last 24 hours or so. Please be assured, there are no viruses, or any other nastiness, associated with this! We moved all of the old blog posts, from the previous host, to this site last night. There were several hundred posts, and some services might have picked them all up as new posts, even though they were several years old. This will be a one time occurrence!

Please forgive me if your inboxes were flooded with notifications or if your feed reader registered hundreds of “new” post notifications.

Again, this is a one time occurrence and there should not be any further glitches.

Thanks for your understanding!  I’m hoping to be popping in here again very soon with new posts! And yes, there will be wedding pictures!

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6 comments to With Humblest Apologies….

  • Dee

    You may be relieved to know that at least one person, myself, only received this apology 🙂

    • I appreciate knowing that not everyone’s inbox was flooded with notifications. Even if it were only a couple of gals, I’d still feel awful about it.

  • I too, only received this notice. Looking forward to the wedding photos!

  • tammy

    Welcome back!!! Look so forward (sosososo much!) to wedding pics and sweet updates and posts! You have been missed!

  • Susan

    I thought I had suddenly gotten very popular! No problem, though.

  • nell

    I loved loved this. I have followed your blog and your family for years and when
    you stopped blogging I was so saddened. Then found you on facebook. You have such a wonderful and beautiful family. You are so so blessed. Thank you for such
    beautiful wedding pictures. I have waited a long time to see these. Please please keep us posted on your life and bless your followers with more “happenings” in such a wonderful family. God Bless.