What Will I Do Now That Baseball Season Is Over?

Baseball has been a very big part of our lives since February. Practices and regular season games. Practices and post-season playoffs. Tournament team practices. Lots and lots of tournament team practices. Tournaments with multiple games in a single weekend. This year, baseball was more of a family affair and it was great having Copper with […]

Hot Fun In The Summertime & An Announcement!

Having Copper home for the summer, now that he’s retired, has been, well, different! In the past, our summer activities have all needed to be planned in advance around his rather odd days off. These days, we can be more spontaneous.


My across-the-road friend asked me to take care of her beautiful gardens […]

More Great Summer Reads

In the last week, I’ve finished three more books from my Summer Reading List. I’ve now read half of the books from that list, and, so far, I’ve enjoyed everyone one of them. You can read my brief reviews of the first three books here.



The three books listed below are all […]

Something New For His Summer

My Will. He’s fourteen and a bit of a goofball. He always has been. He thought he’d like to change things up a bit for the summer.










Our church’s youth group will be away for summer camp next week, and Will was assigned […]

Still Working Behind The Scenes

I’m still working behind the scenes, so to speak, to get the archives all unpacked and settled. It’s nice having everything all right here in one location. I am so grateful to Dani for all of her help!


As most big projects go, this one had its share of glitches. I worked until […]

The More Things Change….The More Things Change!

I know that the old saying is, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”, but that’s not been true in my home. Since October, we’ve had a lot of tremendous, life-altering changes. In my home, the more things changed the more they did, in fact, change!

In October, Dani was engaged, and […]

Great Summer Reading Choices

It turns out, I’ve made some great choices for my summer reading this year. I’ve finished three of the dozen books on my list, and I’m well into two others. There’s not been a clunker in the bunch! (All book links below are Amazon affiliate links.)


What Alice Forgot, […]

Eclectic Summer Crafting

I’ve always been sort of an eclectic reader, preferring to have three or more very different books going at once , which allows me to match my energy level and/or mood to my reading choice. It turns out, I’m every bit as eclectic in my crafting. It’s not unusual for me to have a couple […]

Things Are A Little Bumpy Here On The Blog

As you may have figured out, we’ve been having some troubles with the site. First, the servers were down, then they were very, very slow. They still are somewhat slow, but it’s better.

Then, due to a bizarre series of events, several posts were deleted from the web site. Dani-the-Wonderful was able to restore all […]

Copper’s Day Off Is Every Day

On March 23, after almost thirty-two years as a deputy sheriff, Copper’s retirement clock finally counted down to zero, and my husband retired. It was a JOYFUL day! (Note – This post contains affiliate links.)

Since that time, we’ve been making our way through all of the changes that come with retirement, though retirement here […]