Copper’s Day Off Is Every Day

On March 23, after almost thirty-two years as a deputy sheriff, Copper’s retirement clock  finally counted down to zero, and my husband retired. It was a JOYFUL day! (Note – This post contains affiliate links.)

Since that time, we’ve been making our way through all of the changes that come with retirement, though retirement here is a bit different with homeschooling still a part of daily life!

The first thing on my husband’s retirement agenda was to grow a beard. Though he’s sported a pretty impressive mustache most of his career, beards were forbidden by the dress code. He had a handsome, lovely beard while we were dating, and this beard was just as handsome, even if it was quite a different color than it was thirty-seven years ago. The beard is gone now, but he enjoyed it for several weeks.

I had asked if we could rebuild the smallish back “patio” near our pool before the pool was opened for the year. My boys and I built the old one by simply placing paving stones randomly into the rock base. It was better than just the plain rock, of course, but the legs of chairs and tables had a tendency to slip between the stones with any movement, which made it a bit of a nuisance. You can see how that was happening even though I didn’t remember to take a picture until after he’d started taking the old patio apart.

I saved up my “garden” money all winter, and we purchased 12 x 12 square pavers from Lowe’s. The day we purchased the pavers, they were on sale for about 33% less than the normal price. What a sweet providence. We were so thankful!

Copper worked on the patio for hours and hours over the course of a couple of weeks, and I am really pleased with the outcome. We’ve already enjoyed the patio while the grand babies have enjoyed the pool, and I’ve spent a few, cool evening hours out there with a book. I’ll try to have some pictures of the finished patio soon.

The biggest change, for me, is that Copper is now handling all of the hours and hours of watering and irrigating that are required here from April through October every year. I handled that job for almost fifteen years, but I happily handed the watering schedule over to my husband.

William has been thrilled to have Dad available to attend every inning of every game this year. I’ve loved having him there, too! I’ve also appreciated his willingness to drive Will to practice. Check out that first basemen’s stretch…..all six feet and one inch of him.

We’ve also established an almost daily ritual of having afternoon coffee together. Our little espresso maker kept us in lattes, macchiatos, and mochas until the weather turned hot, and now we’re enjoying sweet, iced coffees or iced mochas in the afternoon. Sometimes we sit and read and chat together, and other times I make our coffees and we enjoy them separately as we work on other things, but it’s a nice break each afternoon and a tradition we plan to continue.

The Copper’s Day Off posts have been a frequently occurring topic here, but this will be the last one. Every day is Copper’s day off now, though in reality, he is working as hard as ever right here at home.


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5 comments to Copper’s Day Off Is Every Day

  • Congrats on retiring! I will miss the Copper’s Day Off posts… it always amazed me the amount of work he would get done on his day “off”.


  • angela

    So wonderful to have you back Cheryl! I know how Copper feels when people ask if I “work.” Are you kidding! Do we still call him Copper- hehe! Angela

  • Becka

    There might be a problem with your Facebook account–many of your past blog posts are showing up this evening. I did enjoy re-reading several of them though!

    • What a mess! I’ve posted an explanation on facebook and on the blog. I hope you weren’t too inconvenienced by this. Thanks for your understanding!

  • Sandy K

    Cooper job well done.Retiring feels great. To spend more time with your family is the best part The new patio is looking good Glad you are back.