Eclectic Summer Crafting

I’ve always been sort of an eclectic reader, preferring to have three or more very different books going at once , which allows me to match my energy level and/or mood to my reading choice. It turns out, I’m every bit as eclectic in my crafting. It’s not unusual for me to have a couple of knitting projects on my needles, an embroidery project in the hoop, and something else in the works on my sewing machine. That allows me to have a project that I can work on when I’m watching a movie, something to work on in the car, and something for when I have the time to sit down to do some serious crafting. (note – this post contains a few affiliate links)

William is playing on a baseball tournament team this summer, which means spending a lot of times at practices and tournaments. With that in mind, I wanted my summer reading list to be made up mostly of fiction and light non-fiction. Just as I wanted books that could easily be put down when a game starts or when Will is up for batting practice, I wanted craft projects that could be put down, and then picked back up again, just as easily.

June found me working on knitted cotton dishcloths and embellished dish towels for the Fourth of July. I made a set for each of my daughters, as well as a set for myself.

The dishcloth pattern features a large, knit-in star. The pattern was easy to follow, even while talking to coaches or other parents. I saved the pattern as a note in Evernote and kept it open on my phone. I kept track of which row I was on using the Knitting Bag Simple app, which was free. I knit Dani’s cloth in a rich, dark navy blue, and knit Corin’s and my cloth from a bright, poppy red. The yarn is Bernat’s Handicrafter Cotton DeLux.

I spent a leisurely Sunday afternoon adding the navy print fabric band to the bottom of four my favorite cotton dish towels.  I then traced stars, of various sizes and in different configurations, onto the towels using my blue chalk pencil. After pulling a couple of skeins of embroidery floss, the dishtowels became  a project that I could easily take along to the ball park.

I did all of the stars using an easy chain stitch, which is easy to look up from and then return to.

I’m pleased with the way these turned out. Both the knitted dish cloths and the embellished dish towels were easily portable,  and the perfect craft projects for taking along to practices and games. Working on these made the hours (and hours and hours) at practices pass more quickly, and filled the time before and between games productively. Added bonus – they were fun to do!


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