Hot Fun In The Summertime & An Announcement!

Having Copper home for the summer, now that he’s retired, has been, well, different! In the past, our summer activities have all needed to be planned in advance around his rather odd days off. These days, we can be more spontaneous.

My across-the-road friend asked me to take care of her beautiful gardens while she was away for a few days. Normally, she hires William, but he was at church camp the week she was away. I was happy to walk over every day to water and care for her beautiful yard.

I was just finishing up with the watering there one afternoon when my husband texted me to say, “Do you want to go to the fair?”. We hadn’t been to the California State Fair for several years. Aaron was at work. Will was at camp. A day at the fair with my husband? You bet!

The day was perfect! Really, really warm, but not hot. Just right for walking around the very large fairgrounds. We took our time and wandered through the commercial buildings and all of the arts, crafts, cooking and school projects buildings. We enjoyed a cinnamon roll and ice water. Over the course of the afternoon, we ran into three different couples that we knew, some of whom we haven’t seen for ย way too long! Without kids along, it was nice to be able to just stop and chat and catch up a bit.

Much to my surprise, the day we attended the fair was the day that Third Day was going to be in concert on the big stage. I’m a huge Third Day fan! About an hour before the concert, we found a couple of decent seats in the free section of the tent. I saved our seats while Copper bought us dinner. The concert began at 8:00 sharp, and Third Day was wonderful! About three songs into their set, Third Day welcomed to the stage their special guest, Peter Furler. I’ve been crazy about Peter Furler’s music since my girls introduced me to The Newsboys many, many years ago. Needless to say, the concert was wonderful, and I was so jazzed that God had blessed us with being there on that particular day.

No visit to the California State Fair is complete without a night time ride on the monorail. By the time the concert ended, we were tired and footsore, but we made our way up the gangway to the monorail and climbed aboard. We put our feet up, kicked back, and enjoyed the ride around the fair grounds and through the midway. There’s nothing like a midway after dark!


Our trip to the fair was a week ago today. It was just seven days ago, but it seems like it’s been much longer because this last week has been full of planning, and phone calls, and number crunching, and appointments, and more number crunching. After almost thirty-five years of marriage, three houses, and living here with my less than perfect kitchen for the last fifteen years, I am thrilled that we are going to remodel our kitchen! We are so excited, but there’s so much still to do in preparation. If all goes as planned, I will have a brand, spanking new kitchen by Thanksgiving!

I’ll share more of the details about the hows, whys and whats as the project moves along. In the meantime, I’m researching materials and appliances, and thinking ahead to how we will function without any sort of kitchen at all for five or six weeks this fall. Menu planning will be essential!

Our summer is moving along quickly, and it’s been fun! We have just one or two more weekends of tournament baseball ahead of us, and then I hope to be in full time planning mode for the new kitchen, our next year of homeschooling, and to get a couple of other projects moving along, too.

Any big plans for the rest of your summer?



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7 comments to Hot Fun In The Summertime & An Announcement!

  • How fun that you are going to get a new kitchen!

    I grew up in Southern California and never went to the state fair. We really never went to the L.A. County fair but maybe one or two times. So happy you got to see Third Day and Peter Furler.


  • A new exciting. I remember reading your posts about the “less than perfect kitchen” and was inspired by the things you did to make it work. I look forward to hearing all about your plans as you go along. I love Third Day as well and was blessed to see them in concert years ago. A wonderful, Godly group.

  • Elk Grove Susan

    Oooooooh! A new kitchen is super exciting!!!! We’ve gone to the State Fair almost every year since we moved here in 1982. The nighttime monorail ride is truly a highlight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am so bummed that I missed Third Day! But I can be happy that you got to see them ๐Ÿ™‚ A new kitchen? How fun! Can’t wait to see the progress and the finished project ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ummm, I’m sorry, I think I missed something. Did you say you got to see Peter Furler? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love you!

  • Jeanette

    I am so glad you are blogging again. I love your book reviews and pretty much everything else you write. Congratulations on the kitchen Reno!

  • tammy

    Love Third Day, so cool!! AND Peter Furler!! And a day at the fair with your husband!! Way cool. God is so kind.