The More Things Change….The More Things Change!

I know that the old saying is, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”, but that’s not been true in my home. Since October, we’ve had a lot of tremendous, life-altering changes. In my home, the more things changed the more they did, in fact, change!

  • In October, Dani was engaged, and they decided on a December wedding.
  • We planned a wedding in about ten weeks time, all while helping Dani pack and organize her things to move to her new home an hour away.
  • My husband announced that he would retire in March, which started an avalanche of paperwork, retirement planning appointments, and other necessary business.
  • Four days after Christmas, Dani was married and started a home of her own.
  • Aaron graduated from high school.
  • Aaron began working full time on the swing shift in a large fabrication plant.
  • My husband retired.

Lots and lots of  really big changes. I am so grateful that God taught me the importance of holding my plans loosely. That lesson has been learned, and relearned, with every passing year, which has made these last few months of major transitions much easier for all of us. My planning has been limited to just a single day at a time, and never more than a few days in advance.

In just the last couple of weeks, though, I’ve felt like it was time for me to begin planning things on a bit larger scale, and looking forward to more long-term sorts of planning. I’m in the midst of all of that right now, and it has been fun!

Dani’s marriage has meant, of course, that I lost my in house IT girl. Problems on this site have all needed to be handled via long distance phone calls or through email. I am so blessed that she continues to help me with this, even though I’m pretty sure that I drive her crazy with all of my questions.

In fact, we (mostly Dani) are in the process of moving all of the years and years of archives from the old Xanga site to this site. It will be nice having everything in one place, but it’s a time consuming process. I’m happy to say, though, that we (mostly Dani) are ready for it to happen this week!

Those of you who subscribe via email, or through some of the feed readers, might receive a bunch of  “new post” notifications over the next few days. There is no way that we can control how the various notification systems might treat those posts, and I apologize if you are bombarded. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this will be the final step in making all of the Copperswife posts available in one location. There should not be any posting of those old posts to the Copperswife facebook page.

The next real new post will be on Thursday of this week!

One more big change…..Dani has decided that it’s time for her to close her Etsy shop. Her shop features infant, toddler and children’s clothing that she has designed herself. All garments are made from high quality fabrics that will last through several sets of hand-me-downs. Her construction is elegant, with lovely details like French seams and fully reversible garments. She is having a terrific Going Out of Business Sale, offering 40% off your total purchase. Things will move quickly with this sale, so shop early while all sizes and styles are still available. Use coupon code “CLOSINGUP” in the coupon box at check out for your discount.

See you Thursday!

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8 comments to The More Things Change….The More Things Change!

  • I did the move from Xanga and it went smoothly….they had a wordpress compatible archive that I would move over to my new domain. A few hiccups that I am still working out, like some duplicate posts. Does Dani still blog?? Did you share the story how her and her hubby met?? I haven’t been keeping up, but am trying to get caught up on stuff 😉

    • We had trouble with the wordpress compatible archive, and went back to the regular archive. There have been some issues with comments and post titles, but Dani thinks she’s got it all covered this time around. I hope so!!

      At her husband’s request, Dani has deleted her blog 🙁 . I’m hoping to convince them, one day soon, maybe, to share their sweet story here.

  • It is so wonderful to have you back posting! I love the “hold your plans loosely” and I know you have had some many changes recently, but you got through all by doing just that. I can imagine the adjustment to not having Dani at home must have been a challenge too. I so hate change, so I would love to know how you adjusted. Blessings!

  • Big, big changes in your life! So exciting for all of you. I sure am looking forward to sharing your words of wisdom with all of us again, your blog has always been a treat for me to read 🙂

  • I downloaded my archives but haven’t figured out how to transfer them onto Blogger so not sure if that will ever get done. All in the Lord’s hands.

    Glad to see you posting again. Lots of changes for you and the family. So happy for Dani! 🙂

  • with each change in life i realize all too clearly (and somewhat painfully truth be told) how unprepared and unwilling i am toward change. hmpfh. and yet, i know change happens and each time is a lesson in giving it back to Him.. for in Him is my unchanging stability. 🙂

    love the pics of dani. sure miss that sweet thing..

  • It has been a little over a year since Christopher was married and moved out for good. I think I’m just now settling in to the changes. Even when he was in college, he either lived at home or in that last year he was in contact a lot.

    So good to have you blogging again, even if I didn’t comment much. It is a bit of a challenge to work around only one computer and that belonging to my husband (I was spoiled!).

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Cheyl,
    It has been so good to get caught up with you. Wow how Aaron has changed since you started blogging. And Will he isn’t your little boy any more. We have been through a lot of changes too. So I understand. Dave retired Jan. 31 and started a new job Feb.1 he wants to try and work 2 1/2 more years if his health hold out. I have missed you so much.

    Elizabeth Q