Well, Alrighty Then!

Hold those plans loosely, girls! I cannot say it often enough, especially when I’m talking to myself.

I was cruising along, enjoying the end of August, thinking about the beginning of September and the fact that Will will be starting high school this year. No worries. We switched to using a boxed curriculum about three […]

Blessed Be

Life has a soundtrack. The soundtrack of my life is as eclectic as my reading tastes. A quick scan of my Pandora station list or the quirky variety of my iTunes account makes that an undeniable truth. Music plays all day, most every day, in my home. All kinds of music. Some of it forms […]

Read, Stitch, Relax, Repeat

Today is our last day away. We pack up and head home tomorrow. I miss my kids and I miss my home. I really miss my own bed! But it’s been a fabulously restful time away with my husband as we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. (This post contains some affiliate links. You can read […]

Thirty-Five Years Ago Today…………….

August 19, 1978



Attention! It’s Still Summer!

No matter what site I visit on the Internet these days, folks are talking about fall. Fall sales. Fall decorating. Christmas ideas!!!!!

Attention, everyone! It’s still summer!

Fall has always been my favorite season, for a variety of reasons; but this year I am savoring every, single day of summer. With the official start of […]

Hexie Madness!

In the last week, we’ve celebrated Copper’s birthday with all of our kids and grandkids here at the same time, signed all of the paperwork for the financing of the new kitchen, checked out estimates to repair my vehicle, had a whole bunch of maintenance done on that same car, took William (my social butterfly) […]