Staying On Your Own Path – A Look at Comparison

The Bible verse that is the foundation for Copperswife (the blog), is also a very important verse for Copper’s wife – me. And I think it’s important for you, too. Proverbs 31:27 (NASB) says,

“She looks well to the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.”



We are called, ladies, to look well to our own households, to our own families, to keep our eyes on our own path. It’s oh, so easy, though, for us to let our eyes wander over to look, for just a moment, at what that other gal’s path looks like. Maybe she’s a neighbor, a close friend, a lady in your Bible study group. Her path might look more appealing, but I want you to be careful.



Perhaps her road looks pleasant to you because you are only seeing the pretty little vistas that she cares to share with you. From your vantage point, maybe her road looks like a well paved highway, just made for smooth travels. That might be true, but it’s only because she has learned to navigate that road well through years of practice.



We can’t see the obstacles and potholes that are part of her journey. They are hers to navigate, and they are given to her for her own growth.



Neither can we truly appreciate the beauty of the sites along her path. They might look worn and weary to us, but to her, they may be beautiful. That’s as it should be. Her road is not ours to drive.



Stop comparing your road to hers. It’s just like driving a car. Lookie-loos, on the road, are a hazard to themselves and to others. The same is true off the road. We need to keep our eyes on the road that is set before us. Only by looking well to our own households, our own homes and families, our own path, can we learn not only where it is that we need to brake for the dangerous curves, but also where we should slow down just to enjoy the beauty along the way.

Let’s, each of us, learn to travel our own path, whether it’s smooth or riddled with potholes, content in the knowledge that we are exactly where God means us to be.




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