Now That The Kitchen Is Done

The kitchen was finished in mid-November. We hurriedly painted the new wall in the front parlor, and all of the living room, but then we had to put the rest of our plans on hold until the holidays were over. It’s now mid-January and the next phase of our plans is well under way.

The layout of our house is such that there is really no break in ceilings from one room to the next throughout much of our home, and the open floor plan means that two rooms often share the same wall. Copper painted the entire living room before Christmas, since a new, partial wall was added, but his painting stopped in a fairly straight line before entering the dining room.

painting the dining room 2

He was able to feather in the paint where he left off, and then continue painting the ceiling of the dining room and the wall that is shared with the living room. We’re hoping to add some trim around the opening into the schoolroom soon to give it a more finished look.

painting the dining roomThe red wall in the dining room got a fresh coat of paint, too! I’m not changing the look of the dining area, really, though we’re hoping to paint and refinish our dining room table soon. Our list of projects keeps getting longer and longer and……. you get the idea.

back hall before paintWhich brings us to the back hall and pantry area (and that far wall leads to the right into my laundry room). I moved the small hall tree from the back hall to the front entry way. The wall on the right had a couple of inches added to it during the remodel, on the end closest to the camera, so all of  the pictures had to be taken down while they were working. Since we plan to hang those pictures elsewhere, they were never replaced.  Copper figured he’d just go ahead and use the picture nails for his coat, hat and umbrella. Until he could work his way back there with the paint, I figured, “why not?”.

And yes, those are cobwebs on the air intake in the ceiling. Believe it or not, that was vacuumed and cleaned just before Christmas. My home has been filled with very busy spiders this winter. Our weather has been extremely dry and fairly warm, and we’re seeing all sorts of unusual critter activity in and around our home in the country.

painting the back hall

Now, however, the nail holes have been filled and the paint is on. The lighting in the back hall is difficult, but the paint is a very, very light version of the paint in my kitchen. It’s a very pale aqua. The color is Behr Paint’s “Spa”.  We bought a black shelf with nickel coat hooks at IKEA recently, which will go on this wall back toward the door (which leads to the garage), and I’m ordering a dry erase calendar and matching white board to hang to the right of that shelf.

There’s more work to be done in the back hall, like cleaning that air intake! Yeesh! The pantry needs a fresh coat of paint, and the wall behind Copper in the picture above, still needs to be painted, and some trim work needs to be done, but things are humming right along!

I love the look of freshly painted walls and being able to shuffle things around to new places for a new look. Some of these walls have needed paint for quite awhile, so it’s really nice seeing them looking their best again.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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