When The Menu Plan Doesn’t Happen

My normal Monday Menu Plan post isn’t happening this week. Here’s why!

As I write this, it’s late Saturday evening. We’ve had a busy day. My husband has continued working on the new, custom trim in the dining room and back hall. William is doing several days of hard labor clearing ditches for the neighbors.  I spent quite a bit of time just chatting with Aaron early in the day. It was a special treat, since his work hours keep him away from home until the rest of us have gone to bed, but then I had to work hard and fast the rest of the day getting all of my normal Saturday stuff done.

Sunday, after church, we’re taking Will out for our family’s traditional, restaurant birthday dinner, and then most of our extended family will be here in the evening to help us continue celebrating his 15th birthday. Good times!

I have time set aside on Wednesday afternoons for menu planning. This last week, though, I was unable to take advantage of that time, and as the week progressed, I honestly just never gave it another thought. Reality check: This is why I must have a weekly schedule/flow chart in place. If I didn’t, I’d rarely get anything important done!

By now, most of you know that I think that menu planning is a good idea. But what happens on those weeks that menu planning just doesn’t get done? Because I keep a fairly deep pantry and a fairly well stocked freezer, by shopping sales and buying in store specials, I’m really not too worried. I’ll simply enjoy a week of Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants menu planning, and make double sure that I get a menu written next week.

Here are some more helpful hints for those times when the menu plan doesn’t happen.

Menu Planning Tips For Busy Moms

Being  Flexible With Your Menu Plan Without Being Careless

And coming in the next couple of weeks, as I begin my Paperless Homemaking Series: Menu Planning With Evernote


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