REBOOT: Moving Forward

You all have been wonderful hanging in there with me as I’ve slowly rebooted the blog. I started with a quick “hello” post, and then we caught up a bit. I wrote about what I read while I was away, and gave you a quick quilting update. Then, you all blessed me tremendously with your […]

REBOOT: Why the Blog Went Cold and Why It’s Warming Up Again

At the beginning of this little REBOOT series, I promised that I’d try to explain why the blog went cold, or dark, for so long. Here’s what I said then.

“I’ll be posting an explanation of why the blog went cold and, frankly, why it’s been so hard to write for the last few years. […]

Menu Planning Happens Differently Now

My household dynamics are much different these days than they were a year ago. My husband is retired, but he’s currently working almost full time as an “on call” deputy sheriff. Aaron works at least forty hours a week, but with his almost hour-long commute, he’s gone from home from 2:00 p.m. until the wee […]