What’s Ahead in the New Year?

The blog will be on a short break through the first of the year as my family celebrates the new year together. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I’ll continue posting there as we wind down the old year, and welcome in the new, including some fun photos […]

From Our House, To Yours

Merry Christmas!




It Didn’t Go At All As Planned

Today didn’t go at all as planned! Good thing I hold my plans loosely!



As I’m sure you know, California is in the midst of a very severe drought. It started raining a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve had a lot of rain. The drought is ongoing, but boy, this rain […]

Our Menu – Week of December 8, 2014

It’s December. In California. We have, thankfully, had some really good rainfall. Our drought stricken state desperately needs more. It’s really warm, though. On Saturday, when I put together this menu plan, I had a few windows and a couple of doors open until after dark. When I went outside, there were so many frogs […]

Hey! Why Do You Do That?

I love getting your questions! I do! They’re inspiring and encouraging and they let me know just what it is that you like to read on Copperswife, and what sorts of new things that I might think about adding. Sometimes, though, the same questions pop up from several of you at once, or the same […]

When Holding Your Plans Loosely Breaks Your Heart

I say it often, and I believe it. Though we should make plans for our days, we should hold those plans loosely. We need to be willing to let go of our plans, no matter how good they are, when God makes it clear that He has something different in store for us.