I’m generally not one to jump on bandwagons, but this year I am joining the “word of the year” crowd. I always love reading other folks’ words for the year, but I’m not usually inspired to think about, and choose, a word of the year for myself. As 2014 rolled to a close, though, the Lord gently began laying some things on my heart as I pondered the new year. As it turns out, all of the those thoughts and ideas had a common theme, and could be summed up in a single word. Unburden.

I know that “unburden” is a weird word to choose. There are nicer words with almost the same meaning, but I need the reminder that I am prone to, quite readily, heap burdens on myself unnecessarily. So pretty words like free, clear, or lighten, just aren’t going to do it for me, and unburdened sounds like I’ve already arrived. This has been an ongoing struggle for me, which makes unburden the perfect word for the year.


This year I’ll be unburdening mentally, by letting go of the stuff that likes to hang around like excess baggage, and by not allowing new stuff to take its place. There’s no room for harboring past hurts, or regrets, or for taking on new ones. There’s no need to carry about worry or anxiety. God wants us to bring those cares and concerns to Him and leave them at the foot of the cross. I know…..it’s no easy task, but allowing them to stagnate in our hearts is not good, either.

I’ll be unburdening physically, too. Yes, I’ve lost 40 pounds, and that’s a lot; but I have a lot more to go! I’m just a bit over a third of the way back to a normal, healthy weight for my height. The weight I’ve shed so far has given me a glimpse of how much more energy it’s possible to have, and how much less pain there is in my arthritic joints. I’m looking forward to losing more and more of my physical burden.


The unburdening will continue into my homemaking, too. My home, and my peace of mind, is groaning under the weight of closets that are disorganized and way too full, and homemaking routines that just don’t work in this season of my life. I’ll be clearing out, and straightening up, and working on some new ways of doing things that will keep my home clean enough without enslaving me, or my family, in the process.


Jesus promises us that His burden is easy and His yoke is light. We were never intended to carry all the extra weight on our shoulders that we willingly put on ourselves. No more “try harder” burdens, or “do more” burdens, or “what will people think” burdens. This is the year of UNBURDEN, the year where His grace is accepted at face value, and where it is, hopefully, freely extended to others as well.



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11 comments to Unburden

  • I love your word! I think there’s so much possibility with that word. Unburdened is a wonderful testimony to our lives as Christians. I actually stole someone else’s word. I don’t usually do that and didn’t know that people did but I saw the word Intentional on someones blog and thought that was a good word on contemplate this year. Anyhow, hope you have a great week!

  • tammy

    I will look forward to hearing how God is at work in your unburden journey. We all need to know more of rest in Him and unburdening the weight of everything around us. Glory do i need to know this. Lord Bless you in your 2015 unburden living!!!

    • Tammy – I’m excited to see how the Lord continues to lead me in this year of “unburden”. I’m already seeing new ways that that might unfold as the year progresses.

  • could this be one of my all top 5 posts from your blog? indeed it may very well be! thankful you listened to the quickening of the Lord’s voice – and thankful you shared your heart. i do believe it’s a common thread (this unburdening of extras be it weighty matters of the heart, body, or closet), a thread i relate to in totality. unfortunately. sigh. thank you. no, really. thank you. 😉

    • Oh, sweet friend! jAne!! So much the Lord is doing in and through us, even as we….blossom? into those more “mature” (ahem) years.

      • wink… and about that blossoming and mature years thing. at the shop another vendor and myself carefully brush past one another on a regular basis. we’re sick of these blossoming bodies. blech..

  • What a wonderful blog post! Can you please tell me how you have lost weight? I’m also in the process of losing weight. Thank you!

    • Michelle – I’ve shared in previous posts, but I’m using Weight Watchers to move towards a healthier weight and lifestyle. Much success to you on your weight loss journey.

  • Sue

    This inspires me, Cheryl. Thank you!