Marvelous Monday – Phonics

     When I was four years old my parents enrolled me in a private, church day school.  It was an interesting choice.  My parents were not Christians, but they joined the church so that I could be enrolled in kindergarten, though I was only four.  Their reasons for making this choice were quite simple.  Though […]

Marvelous Monday Homeschool Curriculum Review Series

Marvelous Monday was a homeschool curriculum review series that my friend, Kendra, of Preschoolers and Peace fame, and I co-wrote. Every Monday, for several weeks, we each wrote our own posts recommending our favorite homeschool books and products for a specific subject. It was fun, and between the two of us, a lot of great […]

Marvelous Monday – Preschool & Kindergarten

     Kendra and I are winding down our Marvelous Monday series.  We’ll have our final installment next week, unless one of us (or one of you) brings up something we’ve missed!  It seems as though we are ending where, perhaps, we should have begun.  Today we are talking about Preschool and Kindergarten.     I’m stepping into […]