Disclosure Policy

Copperswife has always been a place where you will find encouragement as you look well to the ways of your household. Over the years I’ve written about finding contentment, marriage, homemaking tips, homeschooling, encouragement to be a life-long learner, and articles on the wonders of special needs kids. I’ve reviewed dozens of products, books and homeschool curriculum. I’ve also written extensively on the importance of a home library and how to begin building one of your own.

Copperswife is my personal web site, owned, written and edited by me. I don’t have a staff or any paid employees. One of my daughters blesses me by doing all of the site design and management. I share from my own life experiences as an older woman, married for thirty-five years, with four children (three of them now adults), seven grandchildren, and almost a quarter century of homeschooling experience.

My goal has always been to encourage and help you as you manage and look well to the ways of your own household.

As Copperswife has grown, the costs associated with maintaining the site have grown, too. For several years, my husband graciously underwrote all of those costs, and he still does when it’s necessary. The costs of maintaining the blog continue to rise with each passing year.

Due to those costs, I began establishing affiliate relationships with a very few, select companies whose products I’ve used, or with whom I do business on a regular basis. This arrangement allows me to receive a very small percentage of the sales made when readers make purchases from these companies by clicking through the links on my blog. These companies do not disclose names or any other personal information about their customers and you are never charged a cent more. Rest assured, though I may sometimes know what has been purchased, I never know who has purchased it. Your secrets are safe!

I include product and company links in my posts regularly, but these are primarily for your convenience in accessing more information on the linked item. I do not write my content based on any possible sales. Therefore, not every post I write will contain an affiliate link, and not every link to a product, book, or company will be an affiliate link. However, because I want to be completely honest and forthcoming, I will include a link to this Disclosure Policy in each post that contains an affiliate link.

In addition, FTC regulations now require that I let you know about any affiliate relationships I might have at the beginning of every post I write that contains a link to one of those businesses. It’s awkward and doesn’t always fit nicely into a post, but it’s important to me that I comply with these regulations to the best of my ability.

My readers are still my top priority!  It is not my intention to make my affiliate relationships a priority to drive sales. When I use an affiliate link to a product or business, it’s one that I’ve used and can honestly recommend to you. When I review a book or product, I am not paid for the review, and the review is always my own honest opinion of the product or book. On most occasions, the product or book reviewed is one I have purchased for myself, or an item that has been given to me as a gift. On rare occasions, I may receive a product that I am asked to review. When that happens, rest assured, that I will let you know that the product was given to me for the purpose of a review, but my review will still be my own honest opinion of that product.

For those of you who make purchases through my affiliate links, thank you. The process of writing, maintaining and updating this web site requires many, many hours. Your purchases through my affiliate links is a tremendous blessing to my family. I use the small amount received from my affiliate links in three ways: to pay for the costs of maintaining this web site, to purchase any prizes or gifts offered to readers of this blog, and to help me bless my own family with homeschool materials and books for our  own home, Heritage Library.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at Cheryl AT copperswife DOT com. (There’s a handy email link in my right side bar, too.)

Thank you.



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