Mother’s Day 2015


I was thinking one evening when a thought crossed my mind. Yes, it is a strange phenomena to have a thought cross your mind whilst thinking. Anywho, I was thinking about how we, meaning Corin and myself, used to hijack your blog and write all sorts of crazy things on it. There was the […]

Happy Mother’s Day From Corin

Dear Mom,

You’ve put up with so much from me over the years.

Sometimes I wonder how you managed to let me live! So I thought I’d thank for for just a few of the MANY things you’ve done for me. Thank you for: Putting up with me when I […]

Happy Mother’s Day From Dani

Hey Mom,

Now that I am a mom, though a very new one, I realize how much you had to give up for us kids. A job where your work was valued and appreciated for kids who were unable to value your labor and were horrid at showing appreciation, although it was there. Behind the […]

Happy Mother’s Day From Aaron

Dear Mom,

By the time you are reading this I will be beginning my third week of boot camp here at MCRD San Diego. I wanted to write this short letter to wish you a happy Mother’s Day and to thank you. Thank you for raising me to know the difference between right and […]

Happy Mother’s Day from Will

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!! I wanted to thank you for always helping me when I need it (especially with school), and putting up with me when I get frustrated.

And let you know even though it might not always appear like it, I appreciate the help.

Thanks for being the best mom ever!



Quick Tip Tuesday – Bacon in a Flash!


Breakfast! I like to make hearty, nutritious breakfasts for my guys. Bacon is at the top of their breakfast favorites list, but cooking enough for everyone, can be time consuming. Some mornings I have plenty of time, but other (most!) mornings are too rushed.

I buy my bacon in three pound packages, […]

Good Eats for this Week!

I’m late getting my menu plan posted, but better late than never! I have the filling for the Crispy Turkey Wellington for tonight’s dinner already made and in the fridge. The Almond Poppy Seed Bread for breakfast in the morning is in the bread machine. I’ve been busy in the kitchen, but found some time […]

On Our Table For The Week of March 1, 2015

No lengthy explanations about my absence, at least not today. Instead, I’m just going to jump back in with a full week’s menu plan, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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MONDAY: Breakfast – Waffles Lunch – Hot Roast Beef, Monterey […]

Menu for Week of February 1, 2015 – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

I’m back to planning all three meals for my family. I’ll tell you why later this week. It’s complicated and embarrassing and I should have known better, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson. I’m not beating myself up over it, there’s nothing to be gained that way. I’m extending myself grace, knowing that what I’m […]

The First Ten Books For 2015

I have been blessed with an abundance of new books to be read! After hearing some new-to-me speakers, I bought a few for myself at my church’s local IF:Gathering and then again at Women of Faith. Most, though, were gifts. No matter how I came to own them, I have a LOT of new books […]